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Do you like any of the things the characters like?

Stephen Hawking

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I like Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who like the guys. There was only the one reference in the show iirc but I am a big Red Dwarf fan. I like to play video games mainly Xbox One these days, though we haven't seen them play video games much these days.

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1 hour ago, Jonny83 said:

and Doctor Who like the guys.

I used to like Dr. Who (hence including a scene of Shamy watching an episode, in one of my fanfics), but I lost interest after Elizabeth Sladen and Tom Baker left the show.

Being a fan of the Tom Baker Dr. Who, I love this scene.


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 I like some of the older Star Trek episodes and all of the movies, The Walking Dead, Back to The Future, The Chinese/Thai take out food they eat. I bought 4 various  Sheldon T-shirts.  I like The Time Machine...Ah yes, the episode that got me hooked on the show, season 1 episode 14, The Nerdvana Annihilation. I own the small  working model replica of the HG Wells Wah Chang Time Machine, like the one Leonard thought he had ordered on E-bay before he realized he ended up with the full scale model.. This darn show got me to buy a Therimin like the one Sheldon played in one or two episodes. I like it but I rarely play it. Oh, and I also have inhalers like Leonard uses. I have serious asthma. 

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  • Physics was my favorite science in high school and University.
  • I have a degree in Engineering and love electronics. Especially digital electronics.
  • At home I do use Ubuntu Linux on my Chromebook (and Debian Linux on my other computers).
  • Loved the original Star Trek (it is kind of dated now)
  • Like Star Wars.
  • Loved Back to the Future (when it was new)
  • Big fan of Lord of the Rings (have read the books three times)
  • Loved Harry Potter (read it to my kids as they grew up)
  • Played Dungeons and Dragons extensively in high school
  • Played a lot of regular chess growing up until University (high school chess club every noon hour)
  • When I was 10 or 11 I was a fan of The Flash.
  • Followed the Apollo missions when I was young. Still following Voyager, New horizons, Juno, Dawn, Curiosity rover...  
  • Following HLC results
  • Use the World Wide Web all the time (was invented and developed initially at CERN to share physics information https://home.cern/topics/birth-web) Since I work at a University I had access to the web before the general public. First browser I used was text only on a Unix system (Lynx - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_(web_browser) )
  • Have played with controlling things over the internet - IoT (ep 1.09 ) Actually at university control systems was right behind digital electronics in my areas of interest.


  • Enjoyed Sarah Connor chronicles when it was on
  • Watched Firefly on Netflix as a result of references on TBBT
  • Liked doing magic tricks when I was 10.
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