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1001 The Conjugal Conjecture (September 19)


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'The Conjugal Conjecture' - Season 10, Episode 1 
Airs Monday, September 19 at 8/7c on CBS.

After Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father share an evening together, everyone deals with an awkward morning the next day. Also, Penny's family arrives for the wedding ceremony, including her anxiety-ridden mother, Susan, and her drug dealing brother, Randall

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From Glamour: http://www.glamour.com/story/the-big-bang-theory-season-10-premiere-recap

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Premiere Recap: Penny's Family Finally Arrives

The moment finally arrived: After 200 plus episodes of The Big Bang Theory, viewers were introduced to Penny's mom and brother in the much-anticipated season 10 premiere.....(more)



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Great start to Season 10 and I enjoyed tonight's episode very much with finally seeing Penny's mother and brother (who were both hilarious IMHO) for the first time along with Penny and Leonard's wedding do over with Bernadette officiating the wedding just like Leonard and Penny did with Shamy with her own back in Season 5.

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really loved the episode! I haven't read the TR just saw the promos , so I didn't know most plot points, just was super excited to see Penny's brother! so some thoughts :

- Penny's brother seemed funnier/cuter to me in promos, but I  still liked him a lot!
- Really loved Sheldon at the end willingly hugging BOTH Leonard and Penny and by his own initiative!
- and loved his words to Leonard at the wedding
- Penny looked really beautiful :)
- Mary was fierce as usual
- the colonel/ Raj interaction was hilarous
- not sure how I feel about that Shamy line about genitals : o kinda weird!
- loved Bernadette as the minister, she was killing it! If I wanted to have a wedding I'd wanna have a minister like her, the one who would make everyone shut up lol

Overall for me it was the funniest/best episode since the Big Bear one, but definitely not one of my favorites, more like 4 out of 5.

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I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was strong start to Season 10.   My favorite bits:

  • Sheldon acknowledging finally that living with Leonard and Penny is becoming weird.
  • Sheldon taking offense to Beverly insulting his Mom.
  • Leonard's parents bickering but both acknowledging Leonard as the best thing that came out of their union.
  • Leonard commenting to Alfred, "You don't know his girlfriend."  Kudos to them bringing back that Amy is just as quirky as Sheldon.
  • Sheldon trying to diagram who can be in the room together, and Leonard protesting that he would be stuck with Sheldon.
  • Penny's brother is hilarious!
  • Jealous Sheldon claiming Amy as his.
  • Amy's beautiful purple dress and playing the harp.
  • Penny saying that eloping was a good idea, and confirming how happy Leonard makes her.
  • Leonard answering the question that everyone keeps asking; he honestly does not know how he ended up with Penny.   He just knows he loves her.
  • Bernadette yelling at Howard.
  • Sheldon's genuine statement of affection for Leonard and Penny at the end of the wedding.   Unlike some, I felt the hug was exactly what it was.   Just a gesture of his love for them.   I didn't read anything more into it.
  • Mary trying to train Amy how to handle Sheldon when he is being a jerk.   Perhaps she should take a tip or two from Bernadette as well.   I loved how she got Sheldon to shut up before the ceremony.
  • Penny's pig tails on the top of her head.    I was extremely happy to see the more playful side of her again.
  • Wyatt comparing Sheldon to a Turkey looking up at the rain.   I thought I'd fall out of my chair laughing.

What I didn't like:

  • All the reference to drugs.   I know it was comedy, but it was just a little much.
  • Sheldon disrespecting the wedding ceremony by bringing up STD's.
  • Sheldon telling Amy to mind her own business.   I wanted to slap him silly.


Overall, an excellent episode!

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I agree with most of jenafan said except:

1. Sheldon's hug was creepy.

2 didn't buy Beverly's saying the best thing from her marriage was Leonard. One comment especially since Alfred said it first in all the years doesn't take away all the nasty things she has said.

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From Vulture: http://www.vulture.com/2016/09/big-bang-theory-recap-season-10-episode-1.html

The Big Bang Theory Season Premiere Recap: A Family Tree Grows in Pasadena

The question of "did they or didn't they?" now becomes "will they or won't they?"

When last we left The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny's second wedding was being overshadowed by the possibility that Mary, Sheldon's "bible-thumping bumpkin" mom (as she is referred to by Leonard's mom, Beverly), and Leonard's divorced dad, Alfred (the "wrinkled old bastard," per Beverly), had left the wedding rehearsal dinner to enjoy a nightcap back at their hotel — and maybe even more.....



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Of course, Sheldon's hug was creepy, but it was so unSheldon-like, it was adorable.   I thought Bernadette's line about the other husband who came with the apartment was creepier than the hug.  

I agree Beverly has said a lot of nasty things over the years, and one positive comment certainly doesn't make up for it.   Nonetheless, it was still a positive comment and something I think Leonard appreciated hearing.   I believe Penny has been instrumental in helping Beverly to acknowledge that she hasn't been the best parent.   Although she can't take back the past, she can try to make it better in the future.   The important thing is she said the right thing on a very important moment in her son's life.

Edited by jenafan
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26 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

The wedding was Lenny's moment not Sheldon's. He earlier in the episode made a comment  like it was awkward the three living together. Then he hugs both of them at the ceremony?

While I agree, Sheldon would not be Sheldon if he wasn't butting into Lenny's life.  He would not be Sheldon if he did not have a love/hate relationship with Lenny.  Whether they or Lenny fans like it or not, they do love each other (Lenny-Penny-Sheldon) and that to me is the foundation of the show.   Now if they could just not always have to be together, life would be just a little sweeter.

Loved, loved all the guest actors.  Everyone was in top form.  While I wanted the episode to go on, I did not think it was rushed. 

And finally a proper Lenny wedding ....  priceless!

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Sheldon was very unnecessary in this episode.  Most of his lines were crude comments in regards to Leonard's father and his mother. Not only that at the ceremony it was unnecessary for his speech about his love of Leonard (and Penny) rings untrue with me. On a side note was Amy that stupid to think Sheldon was proposing?

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2 minutes ago, jenafan said:

I agree, Chrismo.  I was embarrassed for Amy's presumptuousness.

When Amy walked into the apartment shouting, "Who is ready for a wedding,"  I found it interesting that Sheldon lost his train of thought on the whiteboard.  

He didn't lose his train of thought.  He had to start over because he had another person (Amy) to add to the equation.

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I guess this post well show up when it shows up...

Amazing episode! Honestly I have tears in my eyes, it was literally LOL from the first second to the last second. Loved Susan and Penny's brother. Wyatt of course was a joy. Loved Bernadette in this, telling everyone to shut up. Such an Lenny advocate. "You got a reason to be Snarky about that?? No diddn't think so". Sheldon I Thought was back to his deadpan, clueless self. That is where the comedy comes from. First episode in ages, where the tone felt light hearted and fluffy. No Drama, that is what this show should always strive to be. The hug in the end tad creepy. But I liked it better in delivery. Sheldon only seemed to hug Lenny, when Bernadette made her comment. He thought oh I am the weird one lol. I Thought Penny's vows were super sweet. Leonard's too. What Leonard said about PEnny, not understanding why he got so luckey. Kinda homaged the pilot for me. These Scientists no everything about the universe, but then this super hot blonde moves next doors, with all her Atoms in the right place. And shakes their entire world upside down, especially Leonard's. Ala The Big Bang Theory. IT did not feel rehearsed, or forced. IT just came from their hearts. The meh part was probably the Guidance System plot, but loved Dean Norris in it! He deserved an ovation from the audience, mans a legend in my eyes. A Great start to Season Ten. This could end up being the best since Season 6, early days but very promising. I had no problem with Sheldon in this, what he said was from the heart. Yes his behaviour some times does not meet what he said, but it was realistic to me anyway. Wyatt's line about a Turkey who we drowned looking up at the rain. :sarcastichand:. Classic. Line of the episode 

ETA: Is Shamy having trouble in paradise? Hmmm don't know. When Sheldon was doing those equations. And had to restart. Because he had to add Amy to the equation. I was like hmm Sheldon shoulden't Amy be YOUR ENTIRE equation. She shoulden't even have to come into it. you should automatically want to be with Amy. And then, in the end "IT is none of your buisness, your not my mom!" I was like DAMNNN we may have trouble in paradise hahaha. I Think they well be fine. But boy Sheldon, I am not sure you well ever get their. 

Edited by 3ku11
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18 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

He didn't lose his train of thought.  He had to start over because he had another person (Amy) to add to the equation.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.   I thought the word "wedding" and Amy walking through the door threw him off.

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in the episode poll, would have liked an option between Good and Bad, maybe Fair. I thought Sheldon was way too crude about his mother and L's father. Also his intrusion into the wedding was totally underwhelming. The way he treats Amy is unlikable.

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