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Season 10 Taping Reports.

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10.01 The Conjugal Conjecture

Reported by: Heres2U

Tape Date: August 30, 2016; Air Date: September 19, 2014

Story: Chuck Lorre, Steve Holland, Tara Hernandez

Teleplay by: Steve Molaro, Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds

Directed by:Mark Cendrowski



DISCLAIMER:   I did not take notes - just sat back and enjoyed the show with my daughter.  I'm sure I have forgotten scenes, the order will be all wrong, and I will mess up the dialogue!   Sorry, I have a terrible memory.  But I will give you guys a summary as best as I can remember.......

There seemed to be a LOT of scenes, so will be interesting to see what makes the cut.  As we knew, there were a LOT of guest stars, including Stuart!!!  


I'll do the main story first:

First scene:  Penny and Leonard are sleeping in bed.  Sheldon is in his bed and calls through the wall.  "Leonard, you and I could be brothers."  Leonard tells him that is ridiculous, and they are not brothers or step- brothers.  Sheldon says "Good because a grown man living with his brother and his wife would be kind of weird."  Penny said "And he thinks he's a grown man!" Then Sheldon asks,"Is your father doing despicable things to my mother right now?"  Penny says something like "Everything old people do after 9:30 is despicable.  Go to sleep."  Then Leonard apologizes to her, and says that the parents may be ruining the ceremony tomorrow.  The two have a sweet moment, and Sheldon tells them to stop talking so he can sleep.  

Next scene, Leonard, Penny and Sheldon are in boys' apartment.  She is leaving to pick her family up at the airport.  She stands at the door and says not to act weird when Beverly gets there, and don't say anything about Mary and Alfred hooking up.  While she is talking, Beverly walks up behind her, hears everything and enters the apartment.  In a shaky voice, Beverly says that she doesn't want to go to the ceremony because Al is humiliating her ( I actually got a little choked up!).  They tell her that if she leaves, it plays into Alfred treating her so badly.  She agrees to stay. Then Penny picks up her family at the airport and there is a funny scene in the car with all of them.  Penny's mother is very worried about what Leonard's parents will think of them.  

Another scene, Mary and Alfred arrive at the boy's apartment.  Sheldon and Leonard are both there.  After greetings, there is uncomfortable silence.  Then Sheldon says to Al "So, did you defile my mother?"  Everyone is shocked, esp. Mary.  She tells Sheldon he is very rude.  Al says "I can assure you we only had drinks and pleasant conversation."  So another pause and Sheldon asks "So did anyone say 'your genitals are a sight to behold?"  Al is shocked and said,"That was absolutely not said, and NO ONE would ever say something like that!"  And Leonard says, "You don't know his girlfriend very well, do you?"    Sheldon said something like, "Well my genitals are a sight to behold!"

Meanwhile, Penny's family has arrived at her apartment.  Her father and brother are very funny with drug and drinking jokes.  Her mother is very worried that Leonard's family will find out brother was in jail.  Also, that his family will think they are trashy.  Penny is very cute with her family!

Now back at the boy's apartment, Beverly has joined the group.  She and Al are rude to each other.  Mary and Al say they are planning to continue their relationship.  Cute bit where Leonard wants to go to Penny's apartment, Al wants to join him.  So Sheldon goes to the white board to figure out who can be with whom at the same time without fighting.  In the middle of this mess, Amy bursts through the door wearing her bridesmaids dress and says, "Who's ready for a wedding!"

Leonard and his mom go next door to meet Penny's family.  He has apparently met her mom and dad before, but not her brother.  It's a cute, quick scene, and you can tell Beverly is dying around them (esp after the brother talks about his court appearances).  Back to the boy's apt:  It's Sheldon and Amy, Mary and Al.  Sheldon lets his mother know he is not happy about her actions.  She says that she is upset that Sheldon would think that she would sleep with a man she just met.  Sheldon says you take a relationship slowly, like he and Amy.  (He is standing, and Amy is sitting at her usual spot on the sofa).  He looks at her and says it was 2 years before they ever held hands.  Al has moved to sit next to Amy, and he reaches for her hand. He says, "You are a very patient young woman."  Sheldon growls and says, Take a cold shower Grampa.  She's Mine!!!"  (I loved that !)

There is a pretaped scene of the actual ceremony.  They are outside at a park.  It is lovely.  Amy is playing the harp.  Bernie is up front to officiate.  Everyone is seated.  Stuart walks in and sits in the empty seat between Leonards parents.  Penny has on a gorgeous wedding dress that comes to her knees, simple but really beautiful.  You guys will love it!  Yes, they actually say some beautiful words to each other.  Bernie fusses at everyone to be quiet.  So lovely.  Then after their vows, Al says to everyone and Beverly that the best thing they did as a couple was to have Leonard.  And Beverly agrees!!!!!  So sweet. Again I got teary!  

In the back row, Mary is sitting between Sheldon and Amy.  Sheldon stands up and says something like it is time for him to say something to a person who is really special to him.  Amy starts to stand up and says "OMG it's really happening!"  Mary grabs her arm and tries to hold her back.  And of course, Sheldon was talking about Leonard :(  He walks to the front and tells Leonard how much he loves him, and then Penny.  Then the three of them embrace as Bernie says "I now pronounce you husband and wife, and other husband?"  She may have said Weird husband. ( Yuk, sorry)

Car scene where Penny is driving her family to the airport.  Cute and sweet.  Then Amy is driving Mary to airport with Sheldon in the back seat.  He says something to his  mother about senior citizen STDs on the rise.  She yells "Stop being disrespectful to me!"  And he apologizes.  Then Amy says something about Mary being attractive and Sheldon needs to get used to her dating men.  Sheldon says something rude to Amy.  Amy says "Stop being disrespectful to me" in a nice voice.  Sheldon says "You're not my mother."  Mary yells "Don't be disrespectful to her."  He says he's sorry.  Mary turns to Amy and says "Don't worry dear, you'll get it eventually (implying that Amy will eventually learn how to get Sheldon to respond like that).

Other story was all at Howard's house.  The military guy shows up at their front door, and Raj answers the door.  The guy is looking for Howard, and Raj pretends he is not there.  Very cute.  Later Howard calls and agrees to meet the guy.  Very small bit of the entire episode, but I guess this is leading into the next two weeks. No baby bump on Bernie, as this is the day of the wedding redo.

OK that's about it.  Feel free to ask questions.  I'm going to bed soon.  Couple of things - Penny and Leonard were very sweet together.  Showed so much love towards each other in all their scenes.  They are in a great place.  Little bit of Shamy, but loved jealous Sheldon.  They are in a great place also.  Amy looked so pretty in her purple dress.  I will tell you about that in another post.  Mary and Amy seemed to really love each other. 




You are all very welcome.  It was a lot of fun.  Just promise you won't take everything and every word as "concrete!"  I'm sure I messed up a lot.  If anyone else was there and wants to correct what I said, feel free to do that!  I just wanted to give you an overview of the story.

No, I don't remember Penny and Leonard kissing in the opening bed scene.  But they were snuggling and speaking very sweetly to each other.  Very loving.

The three were in the group hug and Bernie pronounced them married.  I don't think we saw Lenny kissing.  I mentioned in the Shamy thread that this got the biggest laugh of the night.  Really, I don't think Lenny's or Shamys will like that the 3 are "married,"  but the audience sure did.

BTS - It seemed like a big party on set with so many guest stars.  We couldn't see when they filmed the Wolowitz scenes so watched on the monitors.  Everyone knew their lines - only a handful of times that they screwed them up.  Kaley was having a lot of fun with her fake family between scenes - esp Jack.  Lots of laughter.  I also mentioned in the other thread that Laurie, Jim and Christine were obviously telling Mayim how pretty she looked in her bridesmaid dress.  Mayim was twirling and dancing around like a princess.  When the audience was leaving, it appeared the cast and crew were still having a great time on the set.  Wished we could have joined them!

There were lots of VIPs.  It looked like the first 3 rows were all VIPs.  I think all the guaranteed got in, but I don't know how all those standbys could have made it inside.  

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10.03 The Dependence Transcendence

Reported by: Tenji  and Denyy

Tape Date: August 23, 2016; Air Date: October 03, 2016

Story: Steven Molaro, Saladin K Patterson, Tara Hernandez

Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Maria Ferrari & Jeremy Howe

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski




Just got back from taping. The episode was called The Dependence Transcendence. It was episode three. I found it very funny. I can't do a full taping report as others do... I just don't have the memory but there were three plots. The main one was Howard, Sheldon and Leonard. It involved Sheldon's promise to the military to get the guidance system working in a smaller version in two months. The boys realise they have to pull some very late nights over the next few mths if they have a chance of getting this done. Sheldon really struggles as he gets sleepy and doesn't want to pull any late nights. Howard tells him to drink coffee but he doesn't want to! He later falls asleep at a vending machine and the Flash comes to him in a dream and persuaded him to take an energy drink! Sheldon is reluctant but because 'all the super heroes drink it', he is persuaded and then is super hyped in the lab (which is a nice new one for this classified project). Basically Sheldon thinks he is addicted when the energy drink wears off and spends his time stressing over this instead of working. Howard and Leonard are frustrated because they need him to do the math before they can get on with their bits. Sheldon eventually breaks down and admits he can't do the maths - it's too complex and he thinks he isn't smart enough (they did two takes - Sheldon cries in one and doesn't in the other). Leonard comforts him (puts his arm around him) and tells him he can do it. Sheldon says something like 'but what if I can't' and leans his head on Leonard's chest. As Leonard says everything will be alright, we see that Sheldon has fallen asleep on Leonard's chest. The last scene is the boys in the military man's office saying they can't meet the deadline and need more time. He asks how much and they are scared to say but they admit it will take a good two years. The military man says this is fine (much to their relief as they were terrified of getting into trouble). As for the other plots... Amy and Penny go to a 'party'. Because the boys are busy Amy says she and Sheldon were meant to go to a 'party' where scientists meet up and discuss the latest news/theories! Penny offers to go instead as she thinks if there's wine and people talking about crap she doesn't understand, it'll be just like being at home! The gathering is at Bert's apartment (the geologist). But Amy and Penny are the only ones there! We find out from Bert that Amy is the 'coolest girl on campus'. Both Amy and Penny are shocked by this. Amy says it's just because she's dating Sheldon but Burt says that Sheldon is only cool because he's dating Amy. Finally Raj and Bernie spend the day together. Bernie is now showing a bump. Raj is trying to get her interested in decorating the nursery but she is quite short tempered with him about this. It turns out that she is concerned that she is not feeling excited about normal baby stuff and wonders what this means about her capability to be a mother. Raj is sweet and calls his dad on FaceTime to reassure her this is normal. There were some funny lines here about Raj's mum being excited about Raj and spooling him but the Raj breaking her heart by moving half way across the world and daring poor white girls! Bernie feels better by the end!






Ok, so here is my version. I didn't take any notes either, so some scenes are a bit blank.

First storyline is Wolowitz + Leonard + Sheldon trying to work on their idea after they promised the Airforce guy that they can do it in 2 months. First scene: the guys are working late and Sheldon wants to leave. Leonard tells him that he was the one who promised such a ridiculous deadline, so he has to stay. Next morning, Sheldon is moaning that he had a dream about ??? (can't remember, sorry), then they come to the kitchen and there's Amy and Penny, preparing breakfast for them, because they know they won't see them much. Amy mentions that Sheldon was supposed to go with her to some party, but now she knows he won't. He replies that it wasn't going to happen anyway. :D Penny is kind of interested, so Amy explains that it's just scientists from different fields meeting, talking about current stuff from their fields etc. and apologizes for calling it a party. Penny still wants to go. Leonard is confused and Penny says "I'll drink wine while listening to a bunch of crap I don't understand. How is that different than every single day of my life?" Sheldon says the difference is that won't be there. So Leonard goes "Oh look, it will be a party!" (That was a set-up for the Amy + Penny storyline) Next day, Sheldon is still tired so Wolowitz and Leonard basically convince Sheldon to get a coffee or energy drink because he's moaning. Next he's in the cafeteria sleeping and suddenly he has a dream and The Flash is standing right next to the vending machine. He convinces him to take one of the energy drinks so he does. Next Sheldon is hyper as always after drinking caffeine :D Then he's tired again and goes "I'll get one more energy drink" and then he, horrified, realizes that he's addicted already because he needs more. Howard says that a problem can't develop this quickly to which Sheldon replies "Want to bet? --- Oh great, now I'm addicted to gambling too!" Next, Leonard tries to get him to work, telling Sheldon that let's say that he has a problem - lots of "I do" and "No, you don't" between these two after that - if the best way to get over it would be to start working and forget about his addiction problem - to which Sheldon replies "So now I DO have an addiction problem?" Last scene, Sheldon asks Leonard if he can ask him a question. Leonard says that if it's about his addiction to cafeine and not about the stuff it should be about... awkward pause... "Hey Howard, can I ask you something?" :haha: Howard says nope, so Sheldon decides to just throw it out there in the room. He's googling how to get over caffeine addiction, saying they don't make any patches, but they do make xxxx (couldn't really understand) and he has a fun fact about a rectum. Leonard loses it and says that they can't move forward without Sheldon doing his part. He says he can't. Leonard says yes, he can. And Sheldon goes "You don't understand. I've been trying to figure out the Math for days now and I don't know how." Then he starts crying, apologizes that it's his fault that they will never make it on time and leans into Leonard. Leonard rubs his back, saying it's okay. Sheldon doesn't reply, he fell asleep.
Tag scene is the guys going to the Airforce guy, explaining they can't do it in 2 months. He asks how much time they think they need? 2 years. And the guy goes "Okay!" They all look kind of confused and he says "Do you think this is going to be the first project for the government that will miss the deadline?" So the guys go and leave and right after closing the door you can hear them "So, wanna go to the cinema tonight?" and Sheldon saying that he'd pay for all of their popcorns.

Second storyline is Amy and Penny and the party. It turns out it's at Bert's place. Bert opens the door and thanks them for coming and says he's going to play some rock music --- that's a geology joke. Amy explains to Penny that he's a geologist and Bert jumps in and adds "And a joker!" They look around and there's no one else. Penny asks how early are they. Amy replies that they are actually an hour late. Next scene starts with super awkward super long silence, Amy and Penny drinking and Bert on the other side of the room. Then he goes and tells them that they can leave, because he wants to start cleaning up. He asks Amy not to tell anyone about this, because "you are you and I am me and it would be embarrassing". Penny asks what does he mean with Amy being her and Bert says Amy is the most popular girl at the campus. Both girls go "Uhm, no?". Amy suggests she's popular just because of dating Sheldon, Bert says no, Sheldon is popular because of dating you... Penny is super confused, Amy and Sheldon are popular?! What's happening?! :haha: Then they are sitting on a couch, Bert gives an example how Amy came up with some new idea how to clean something in the lab and then everyone started doing it too. Amy blushes in her typical way, saying it was just the right idea at the right time. Penny wants to know if Leonard is popular and Bert says that he's 'alright'. Apparently he's just known for convincing a hot girl to marry him. Penny is happy and says that girl is her! And he just wore her out. After that Penny and Amy are leaving, Penny says that Bert is nice and that they won't take him for granted (pronouncing it basically as granite) --- she made a geology joke. Bert says that they should really leave. :haha:


Last storyline is Bernie + Raj. Raj made a breakfast for Howard, because he knows he won't see him much now. He wants to spend his day off with Bernie, she says he doesn't have to. Raj wants to go shopping for the baby, buy pretzels and get some side looks from racist women working in the stores. Bernie says she already gets those when she comes with Howard to her grandma's for Christmas. Raj suggests cleaning the room for the baby. Bernie says it's really messy and basically doesn't want him to see it. Raj says she shouldn't be embarrassed with him, after all, he's going to be in the room when she's giving birth. Bernie is just staring at him with "Nope, you are not". Raj ia still pushing it, they could at least choose the colors... Bernie loses it and walks out of the kitchen, then yells that she's upset and why is he's not following her. There's one more scene that I don't remember, but it starts with Bernie apologizing for snapping at him, saying it must be the pregnancy hormones. Raj says she was mean even before that, but fine. (After this I don't remember anything :haha:) Then they are driving in a car, Bernie is afraid she may not be a good mother, she simply doesn't care about all the stuff she probably should care about. Raj ends up calling his dad to talk to Bernadette, his dad picks up with "Do you need money? Do you need anything that costs money?" Raj says no, so his dad replies "Great, what's up?!". Raj's dad then talks to Bernie about how Raj's mother loved Raj and then he broke her heart when he moved so far away and started dating white girls. Bernadette really feels better at the end. 






Kaley also said again when talking to the audience that she and the rest of the gang want to be with us for a few more years to come!

Bernadette was in her PJs in the first scene she was in and it was difficult to see but in another scene she and Raj are clearing out Howard's old bedroom for a potential nursery and she is wearing a tight maternity style top. The bump is noticeable but obviously not huge.

Someone asked for BTS... Lovely atmosphere with the cast. Couple of mistakes from the usual culprits! Melissa was sitting at the table and dunking a tea bag and it broke and she was laughing saying she didn't know her own strength. Kunal found this very funny. Jim messed up on one particular line 2 or 3 times before having to check the script... It was a line about the fact he couldn't find a caffeine patch online but he had found a suppository which helped with addictions! After he got that right, Johnny messed up the following line so he Jim had to say the whole thing again! I heard Johnny say 'sorry buddy' to Jim as he knew that Jim's line was tough! Johnny messed up again and softly whispered 'fuck' but his mic was still turned on so the audience cracked up. Jim smiled at this. Kunal found his dad's lines hilarious and was laughing through the scene where he Facetimes him. However, because this was just a reenactment of the scene there was no need to do again. Raj's dad is very funny... He didn't break at all!


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10.05 The Hot Tub Contamination

Reported by: Lady in Red

Tape Date: September 20, 2016; Air Date: October 17, 2016

Story: Chuck Lorre, Maria Ferrari and Tara Hernandez

Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Eric Kaplan and Jim Reynolds

Directed by:  Mark Cendrowski




Cold Open - Penny and Leonard in 4A.  Sheldon and Amy enter complaining about the bathroom schedule.  Sheldon says P/L like it, and they say no, they don't.  Several jokes, then S/A realize that they need to reach a compromise.

Scene 1 - Comic Book Store - Howard and Raj are at the register buying comic books from Stuart.  Howard says that he and Bernadette are planning a vacation before the baby comes to Palm Springs.  They are trying to do more stuff before the baby comes.  

Scene 2 - Later in 4A.  P/L and S/A - Bickering continuing.  Sheldon says he is male and needs to spread his DNA.  Amy says we are sleeping together once a year, how much more spreading do you need?

Scene 3 - Later in the Wolowitz bedroom - Howard is reading a baby book while Bernie is throwing up off-scene in the bathroom.  She has a definite baby bump now.  Howard says the baby book says you should not be getting morning sickness any more.  Bernie comes out and is clearly not feeling well.  They decide to spend their vacation at home, and to keep it a secret from their friends.  

Scene 4 - Penny driving Sheldon in her car.  It is night.  Sheldon complains about how difficult Amy is to live with.  Penny questions whether she is more difficult than Sheldon is to live with.  Sheldon complains that Amy eyes him like a piece of meat, and Penny says Leonard often gives her an approving thumbs up.  Sheldon says that for once, he would like to be appreciated for his mind.

Scene 5 - Later in the Wolowitz bedroom - Howard is rubbing Bernie's feet, and is joking around doing magic tricks.  They hear a noise like the door opening, and footsteps.  Howard jumps around in a panic, neither has their cell phone in the bedroom, and Bernie says I have my iPad.  Howard says sure, you can e-mail 9-1-1.  Then they hear a bubbling sound.  They look out their window and see Stuart relaxing in their hot tub.  He does not see them.

Scene 6 - Leonard and Amy discussing Sheldon in 4A.  He is high maintenance.  Amy complains he posted a sign in the bathroom showing the number of days without Sheldon finding one of her hairs on the soap.  Leonard remarks that his record was six.

Scene 7 - Prerecorded yesterday.  The Wolowitz backyard hot tub.  Stuart is relaxing and suddenly the backyard lights come on.  Stuart hides under the water.  Raj appears, drops his robe, and enters the hot tub wearing a pair of swim trunks.  Stuart pops up out of the water, surprising Raj.  H/B are watching all of this from their bedroom window.

Scene 8 - Prerecorded yesterday.  The Wolowitz hot tub continued.  Stuart says he comes over whenever he knows H/B will not be home.  Once he hid in the bushes and pretended to be a raccoon.  H/B still watching from their window.

Scene 9 - Penny driving Sheldon in her car and they are talking.  Sheldon says that "being with Amy has awoken the sexual creature within.   When I see a pretty woman walking down the street I go hubba-hubba."

Scene 10 - Back to the Wolowitz hot tub.  Raj and Stuart are sharing wine.  Stuart says he uses the key to the house that he never returned.  Bernie is annoyed with Howard, who admits to lying about getting the key.  Raj says that he is single now, no longer dating the two women.  The second take had different wording, with Stuart saying you had more girlfriends that I ever had.

Scene 11 - Amy and Leonard talking in 4A at the kitchen island.  Leonard encourages Amy to hold firm on the bathroom schedule.  He wishes he had because now if it is 7:18 am, there had better be a toilet.  Amy says that she is in this relationship too, and if Sheldon doesn't like it, he can just move back to 4A.  Leonard says, he can, but he will need a good locksmith.

Scene 12 - Penny and Sheldon eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor.  Sheldon is looking for other women.  Penny points out several, which Sheldon finds unsuitable.  Finally, Sheldon tells Penny a story he has never told anyone.  He came home from college early for spring break when he was 12 (first take, he was 13 in the second two takes) because the college had run out of math to teach him.  His mother was at Bible Study, and he was expecting the house to be empty.  He heard a sound from his parent's bedroom, and he opened the door to see his father in bed with another woman.  They locked eyes, he shut the door and ran, and they never ever mentioned it to each other.  That is why he knocks three times.  The first one is tradition, and the second two are for you to get your pants on.  Penny is sympathetic.  Sheldon apologizes for not hitting on her along with the other women in the ice cream parlor, and says that he thinks of her more as a nanny.  Penny says, let's get you home.

Scene 13 - Wolowitz deck - Raj gets up to leave, and wonders why Stuart remains in the tub.  Stuart says he is not wearing swim trucks like Raj.  Howard finally loses his temper, and opens the window to yell that they need to get their own hot tub.

Scene 14 - Amy and Leonard in 4A, with Amy enjoying sitting in Sheldon's spot.  Penny and Sheldon return from the ice cream parlor, and Amy quickly shifts to the center of the sofa.  Sheldon sits on the left side of the sofa, begins to speak to Amy, then jumps over to his spot.  He notices that it is warm.  He says to Amy that he is willing to forego the bathroom schedule.  

Scene 15 - The bathroom in a prerecorded scene.  Sheldon speaks to Amy.  "Amy Farah Fowler, will you share this toothbrush holder with me?"  They put their toothbrushes into the holder and hug.  Penny and Leonard are looking on.  Penny sheds a tear.  "I may be crazy, but I found it moving."



NerdForestGirl also attended this taping and you can find her take on it, at her Tumblr 


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10.08 The Brain Bowl Incubation

Reported by: shamydawson

Tape Date: October 25, 2016; Air Date: November 10, 2016

Story: Chuck Lorre, Steve Holland, and Saladin K. Patterson

Teleplay by: Steve Molaro, Maria Ferrari, and Tara Hernandez

Directed by:  Mark Cendrowski



In the beggining Sheldon and Amy we're doing an experiment combining there skin cells and Sheldon was real excited about it, like they created a chill.  Sheldon says you know what the next step is don't you?  And Amy said,  yeah put them in the incubator.  Sheldon said nooo, we close the door and drop our pants and make a baby.

Amy said you're crazy were not making a baby right now.  Sheldon says "ahhhh I see you're playing hard to get", and  he then drops a pencil and bends over to get it and pops his booty out.  Amy is just like no and walks away and Sheldon says did you even look at my bottom!?

Penny and Leonard decorated there room but penny made it all girly but Leonard wasn't happy but as long as penny liked it, he was OK with it.   Raj has a new love interest and asked her out and gave her a dinner in his office.   Howard walked in and said, Oh hi, your the Astronomer.  she asked Raj if he was embarrassed by her because she work as a cleaner?   Raj appoligized and she accepted it. 

Amy, Penny and Leonard were walking up stars (Amy's been avoiding Sheldon for 3hrs).  They see a road of rose pedals leading up to 4B.   Leonard say's, have fun what's behind door number two and he and Penny go back to their place

Amy opens the door and walks in and then sees more rose pedals leading to him.  He's dressed sooo sexy.  He's  all covered in gel, has a tie untied with a white collard shirt with plaid pants and has a glass of wine.  Sheldon's seductively says hello,  and offers Amy some wine.   

She says no thank you.  He says good it's disgusting, then says he's wearing a cologne that smells like deer something (I don't remember).   She says no wonder it smells like a petting zoo and he says oooo u wanna pet something?  Not my hair tho it's covered in goop. (they taped that many times so idk if they're gonna add that).   Amy's had enough and leaves.  He says "she'll be back.....she lives here"  all sexy. 

Penny asked Leonard why he doesn't eat broccoli, as Raj is eating his to watch his figure, since he met Isabella.  Leonard says, "I'm married I don't need to watch my figure" and continues to gobble up his food 

At the end Sheldon tried to seduce her even more and Sheldon came in through the door turned his music on his phone and dannced the flamingo all sexually.  Amy said you're insane, walked out and closed the door behind her. She looked soooo turned on and said, "That was so close" 

By the way Amy is rejecting Sheldon in episode 8 is cause she doesn't want to get       pregnant right now(just to clear that up) 

BTS by mjc45 


Take if for what it's worth, when Johnny and Kaley came up to talk to the fans,     Kaley said she hoped to get two more years.    All the other times, she said, "We would  stay, if you (the fans) want to have us.  It looks like money is a big part, if they  want more years. 





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10.09 The Geology Elevation

Reported by: RJ1013

Tape Date: November 01, 2016; Air Date: November 17, 2016

Story:  Chuck Lorre, Eric Kaplan, & Maria Ferari

Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Jim Reynolds, & Jeremy Howe

Directed by:  Mark Cendrowski



I wasn’t expecting to write a TR, and this is purely from memory. Things might be out of order or missing or otherwise a bit off.


At the cafeteria with all the guys. Sheldon is displeased and jealous about the fact that Bert has won a $500k grant for geology research. The other guys congratulate Bert, and Bert tells a boring story about winning the grant. Sheldon offers an insincere congratulations, and when Bert leaves, says something about how Bert didn’t recognize the sarcasm. Leonard says it was the best sarcasm ever. Sheldon thanks Leonard for the compliment.

On the stairs with Leonard, Penny, Amy, and Sheldon. Penny heard Bert on the radio, telling the same boring story as before. Sheldon wonders who even listens to the radio anymore? Amy encourages Sheldon to read Bert’s paper.

At Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Howard tells her that he wants to introduce her to someone. It’s a remote control mini-Stephen Hawking. It can spin in circles and has sayings in Hawking’s voice. Bernadette insists that it’s insensitive.

Later at 4A, Amy, Penny, and Leonard watch from the kitchen island while Sheldon reads Bert’s paper in his spot. He makes a bunch of faces while doing so, and Penny says it’s like flipping through the emoji’s on her phone. Talking to the research paper in his hands, Sheldon asks ‘why?’ on one page, and does the same on the next. On the third he says, ‘Oh, that’s why.’ Amy says it sounds like that night when they had coitus. Sheldon realizes the research is pretty good, and Leonard suggests that he and Sheldon go for a walk so Sheldon can cool down

Sheldon and Leonard are out on their walk. To symbolically toss away his anger, Sheldon picks up a rock. The scene cuts back to 4A with Sheldon’s injured feet propped up on the coffee table. Amy checks his feet and puts ice packs on them. She holds his hand and tells him to think about all the good things that he has, including love, a good job, etc. Sheldon tells her that she has all of those same things, but nobody’s lining up to be her.

Amy goes to the kitchen to have a drink and rethink her life choices. Penny takes a turn, telling Sheldon to quit being a baby. That works right away, and he agrees, saying that he should think of all the good things that he has and that Bert’s success is not Sheldon’s failure. Amy is not amused. Leonard agrees that Amy should rethink her life choices.

At Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Howard tells Raj that he has something to show him. Of himself and Bernadette, one finds the item hilarious, and the other thinks it’s offensive. Raj doesn’t have a hard time figuring out who thinks what.

Back at the cafeteria, Sheldon has resolved not to feel jealous. He hobbles around on his injured feet, and goes over and tells Bert that his research is good. Bert says he’s been hearing that a lot. He also says that as a winner, he can offer suggestions for other nominees for the grant in the future. Since engineers are often overlooked, he asks Sheldon what Wolowitz has been working on.

Sheldon says he’s not sure, walks out into the hallway, and we hear a bang and shout. Then Sheldon calls out to Leonard that he is injured again. Leonard excuses himself from the guys, saying that he needs to go take some pictures.  Back at 4A, Sheldon now has an icepack on his head. He went to punch the water fountain and slipped on the water in front of it. I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten the rest of this, or if it ties into the next scene.

All 7 are at 4A to eat. They sympathize with what it’s like to feel jealous. Raj says that he’s jealous of L&P’s relationship and H&B’s. Amy says what about her and Sheldon? Raj says, ok, sure. For her part, Amy mentions how she has felt jealous of Penny’s good looks. But then it was better once Penny cut her hair. The others all agree. Amy insists that she was still hot, but it was a ‘why did that hot girl cut her hair?’ kind of hot. Penny thought it was cute and tries to get Leonard to agree. He talks about how he loves her. There were several other hair jokes in here, but this was only shot once, and I don’t recall them.

A few short scenes of Howard showing the toy to Amy at work, who agrees that it is insensitive. He shows it to Leonard(?), who asks if it can talk. When Howard proudly says yes, he says that it is definitely insensitive. Finally, he shows it to Kripke, who finds it hiwawious and asks if he can drive it into the women’s bathroom. This makes Howard rethink everything.

At Bert’s office, Sheldon admits to him that he’s been feeling jealous and that he thought admitting it would make him feel better. It doesn’t. But he decides that since Bert is his enemy, and Sheldon is his own worst enemy right then, that the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Thus, Bert is his friend. Since they’re friends, Bert wants to know if Sheldon will go to watch the Ellen show with him. Sheldon decides maybe they can’t be friends.

Bert says the same things that Amy did earlier, about how Sheldon should appreciate what he has—a girlfriend, etc. Sheldon remember that Bert was once interested in Amy and wants to know if Bert has been jealous of Sheldon’s relationship with her. Bert says he was quite a bit until he won this recent grant. Now he thinks he can do better.

Cut back to 4A, and Sheldon’s hand/wrist is wrapped in an elastic bandage. Amy, Penny, and Leonard can’t believe that he punched Bert. Sheldon says it wasn’t a punch, it was a Captain Kirk karate chop, and he’s not sure Bert even noticed that he did it.

To cheer Sheldon up, Leonard brings over a laptop with Stephen Hawking on it. Hawking understands jealousy, noting that he hasn’t gotten a Nobel prize. It’s ok, though, because he’s been on the Simpsons and Star Trek.

Sheldon thinks they could change the Lincoln monument to honor Hawking; there’s already that big chair. Hawking mentions how what he’s always wanted is a motorized toy of himself. Leonard walks over to Amy, leans in and says, don’t say anything to Howard. Amy says she’s right ahead of him. (i.e. she knows better than to do that)

Tag scene. Bert and Sheldon are at Ellen. Ellen tells a joke and we see Bert and Sheldon happy in the audience. Sheldon decides she’s great.




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10.10 The Property Division Collision

Reported by: skylex

Tape Date: November 15, 2016; Air Date: December 1, 2016

Story: Steve Holland, Bill Prady, Dave Goetsch

Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez

Directed by:  Mark Cendrowski



The first scene takes place in Penny's appartment I think, where Sheldon and Amy are living now. We see Amy offering a painting of her and Penny which is quite awkward with Penny making a strange face on it. Penny thanks her but we can see that she doesn't really like the painting.

Next scene, we are in Wolowitz's kitchen and Stuart is offering Howard and Bernadette a book of coupons he made to help them do some tasks for the upcoming baby or have breaks like a foot massage "but for Howard too" as he doesn't want it to be a weird gift. But then Bernadette sees that one coupon is written on the back of an eviction notice. Then Stuart says that he indeed have nowhere to live and would appreciate that they let him stay a few weeks in their home in exchange of his services. Howard is upset at first but then they decide to give him a chance.

Now we're in Leonard and Sheldon's appartment where Leonard and Penny are living now. We see Leonard facing the camera trying to hang on the wall (and level it) the painting offered by Amy. Penny is just behind Leonard making a sad face saying she's not sure if it fits well there. I think they're discussing the fact that it's a weird painting.

In another scene we see Leonard and Sheldon fighting about which things they may keep in each other's appartments. Sheldon is trying to offer Leonard to keep a small avocado planted in a glass and sitting on the microwave, while Sheldon would keep the big valuable sword which is next to the door. Leonard says that Sheldon is always trying to keep the best things to him and tells that the avocado is a miserable thing they recovered from garbage or something like that.

Then (well, not sure if this scene is really placed here, but it could fit), we see Raj ringing the bell on Wolowitz's door. Stuart opens and ask him what he's doing here. I think Raj asks him the same thing and says that he brought Chinese food. Stuart says that he could bring it but that they won't eat it because he already prepared food and he's such a good cook.

In a new scene Leonard says to Sheldon that he wants to keep a big blue flag but Sheldon refuses. Leonard then tells him that he didn't even liked it and he reminds him that he made him buy it so that Sheldon's name doesn't appear on the auction which could have made the price go up (as he thinks he's kinda famous with his "fun with flags" show). Sheldon says that he does like this flag and is really willing to keep it.

Now we see Leonard and Penny well dressed in the stairs and coming back from a good evening. Then when they open the door they find an old man in the kitchen (which is Christopher LLoyd!). They ask him what he's doing there and he tells them that he is renting a room here, then Sheldon arrives and confirms it. Sheldon is taking the appartments battle to the next level and he and Leonard are arguing. Sheldon says that he rented the room for 1$ a night and Theodore (C. Lloyd) is laughing and says about the price that "it's like back in the 40's!".

Then it's diner time at the Wolowitz's dining room (I think the warm up comedian said that it's a new part of the set) and we see Howard serving wine (after like 3 takes he says that he feels like a Sommelier) and I think that Stuart is inviting Raj to the table and that they are both arguing about which one could be the best third wheel of the couple in taking care of them and the upcoming baby (not really sure this happened though, my memory about this dinner part is incomplete here).

Now we're in the laundry room where Leonard is separating his clothes (by color I think) while wearing the giant flag and seems naked under it. Sheldon is upset about that and Leonard says that he's able to go even further. He then removes his underwear and makes a little dance under the flag so his genitals touch it. Sheldon looks very upset now but I don't remember what he says.

In the Wolowitz's living room we then see Raj and Stuart who are each one assembling a different hanging toy for the baby. Stuart says that his toy is better because the zebras will bring more stimulation to the baby. Bernadette approves, then Raj says that at least his got a real brown nose (not sure about that, I didn't understand the line well but the audience laughed).

On the hallway we then see Sheldon and Leonard making peace about their ongoing war and Sheldon says that he's even willing to rub his genitals agains the flag too. Leonard says that it won't be necessary. Then Theodore which is standing by Leonard's appartment says something like "if we're talking about rubbing genitals, that's were I shine!" (this needed 4 or 5 takes during the taping).

Raj now is ringing the bell again at the Wolowitz's and is saying to Stuart that he is sorry about their fight and want to make peace. Stuart says that it's alright and there is room for a 4th wheel. He says that he can get his Chinese food back because no-one touched it as he told him so.

Last scene (there may have been another one in between or I could have messed with the order again), we see Howard lying on the couch of his living room playing on his phone and Bernadette asking for help. Howard says to Stuart and Raj that one of them should go and see what's going on as they're so involved to help. I think Stuart opens the door and then we see Bernadette saying the her waters may have broken ! Howard is lost and asks what he should do. Stuart says that he will take the bag (with Bernadette's clothes?) and Raj says that he will prepare the car. Then they both do a belly high five saying "team baby go!".


During the pizza time we saw Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco climbing the bars to talk to us. Johnny thanked us and said that it's because of us that the show is so successful and still running. Then Kaley said that she hopes the show will continue for many years and said about an elderly couple in the audience wearing red "bazinga!" t-shirts that they were amazing and that it's people like them who makes them love what they do. The guy is 80 years old and the warm up comedian asked him a few times to dance between the takes, it was really fun.

Sometimes they had to change a line because I think the audience did not laugh as expected, that was interesting to see but then I was I bit confused about what line was in the final cut ^^

Everyone was crazy when we first saw Christopher Lloyd on the set. They did a good job at hiding him so they could capture the "wow effect"!

At one time I saw Jim Parsons opening the drawer besides the door in Leonard's appartment, that's where he keeps his notes apparently!

Also, when they were making peace in the hallway, the director asked Jim Parsons to start from somewhere but he asked where exactly and when he got the answer, Johnny Galecki said "oh ok, glad you asked sir!", that was fun to see!

I didn't have a watch but I think the taping took about 4 hours from the first scene to the last one.



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10.11 The Birthday Synchronicity

Reported by: Maddie, Shamybabbos, Anonymous 

Tape Date: November 22, 2016; Air Date: December 15, 2016

Story: Chuck Lorre, Steve Holland, Maria Ferrari

Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan, Tara Hernandez

Directed by:  Nicole Lorre



Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Stuart are heading to the hospital while Bernadette has another contraction. Raj wants to drive like he's in India. Howard tells him to stop and tells Bernadette how much he loves her. Raj replies that he loves him too. 

Sheldon wakes up Amy just after midnight to wish her a "Happy Birthday". Amy is touched until Sheldon blows a birthday horn in her face. She takes the horn and tells him that he can have it back in the morning. Sheldon hands her his birthday present and opens up her birthday gift, a framed functional MRI scan of his brain. She loves it. Sheldon points to the bright spot orbital-frontal cortex on the picturebecause he was thinking of her. Amy kisses him and then Sheldon asks if they are starting their annual coitus birthday festivities part of her the evening. Sheldon moves in on her while wearing his come-hither pajama bottoms. Pennyknocks on the door announcing that Bernadette was heading to the hospital. Amy says they should stop. Sheldon agrees and says that due to childbirth and looming coitus, it was a banner night for female genitalia. Amy smiles at him.

Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Stuart make it to the hospital. Althea the nurse (from the pilot and other episodes) makes cracks asking about the three guys and one expectant mother whether this was some "Mamma Mia" nonsense. No Howard is the father though he doesn't know how far apart her contractions are. Raj does. Twelve minutes. The nurse wonders why they came so early. They also tell her that they don't know what the sex is of the baby though Raj knows. He tells his creepy story on why he knows. Althea sends them home until the the contractions are five minutes apart for about an hour. When Raj tries to over complicate the time of her contractions, the nurse suggests a home birth.

Sheldon, Amy Leonard, and Penny are heading down the steps. Sheldon didn't want to look foolish if Howard started handing out cigars, so he had to find his bubble gum cigar. Leonard then forgot his inhaler. Penny gets a call that it's a false alarm. Amy sighs that first births can take a while. Sheldon then wants to reconsider the Flash onesie he bought. Amy wants to head back to their apartment, while Penny suggest that they go to a diner. Sheldon tells Amy that since its her birthday, she should decide. Now Penny gets excited and says that they should head to a bar. No. Leonard then states that they want to go have sex. Penny calls it their annual birthday booty spectacular as she sends them off to have fun. Leonard and Penny head off to get frisky with her wheezy sexy little man.

Back in their kitchen, Raj is filming a nervous set of soon-to-be-parents. Raj comments that she just wasn't ready to make the right entrance that Raj understands. Howard tells him to turn it off, while Raj is doing it for the baby. He says that someday she is going to see the film. Oops. Bernadette and Howard are disappointed that Raj let it slip that they are having a girl. Raj ruined the surprise and he also had already told Stuart.

Back in Shamy's bedroom, Amy asks where were they. Sheldon described and it as kissing like randy teenagers and that Amy's nose whistles. She apologized while Sheldon then called her a sexy little tea kettle. They try again and Sheldon thinks that it was being forced like all the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels. Amy realizes that the mood is different. Sheldon still wants to continue since Leonard and Penny are probably engaging and he doesn't want to disappoint them. Sheldon does want to continue since it is her birthday; however, Amy has a little surprise that might get them back on track. Sheldon thinks that it is something to do with trains. No.

Leonard comes out with his spare inhaler and ask Penny if they want to have sex. As they start to kiss, Raj knocks on the door. Raj got thrown out for telling them that the baby is a girl. Oops he did it again. Penny asks that if they are quiet, he might go away. Raj heard that.

At Sheldon and Amy's apartment, Sheldon has his eyes closed as Amy comes out in a Harry Potter robe posing in the doorway. She thought that Harry Potter could make things hotter. Sheldon is impressed, Woozers! She goes back to get him his robe. Sheldon calls her a naughty girl because wizards from different dorms will be sleeping together. Then he is a bit annoyed that she went to a Harry Potter Wizarding World theme park without him. She then asks if he wants to argue on her birthday. Sheldon doesn't want to and they start to kiss. There's a knock at the door. Amy sticks her head out the door and asks if this intrusion was about the about the baby. Raj replies that people keep kicking him out of places. Amy tells him to get use to it and slams the door. Then Penny runs out of 4A out yelling that they are all head toward the hospital because Bernadette's water broke. Amy shouts that they have got to be kidding.

Howard and Bernadette head to the hospital with Stuart at the wheel. Howard thinks that Stuart is driving like an old man, while Stuart says that eh can't see everything. As another contraction hits Bernadette, she yells at him that the gas pedal is on the right.

Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, and Raj are in the car heading there themselves. Penny says that it's cool that the baby will be born on Amy's birthday, She complains that she thought the baby was supposed to ruin their sex life and not hers. Raj them complains that he should be there helping them out since he has been doing it for nine months. It only took Howard five minutes to conceive it which surprised Sheldon, but pleased Amy. They end up discussing the interruptions of the their sex lives and how long it took.

Howard helps Bernadette through another contraction. She wants some ice chips; however, Stuart finished them. He goes out to get some and Howard tells him to not come back. Howard and Bernadette discuss names. Howard wanted Wally Wolowitz if it was a boy. Bernadette suggests naming her after his mother, but she hated that name. Her middle name? Melvina. Howard really missed her and thinks that she would have been a great grandma.

The gang is waiting while Leonard cannot believe that Howard was going to be a father. Amy adds that Penny is the one who introduced Bernadette to Howard. Penny quips asking how many times does she have say that she is sorry. Then they all consider how far them have come since Penny moved in and that they all have a lot to be proud of. Raj gets mad that they all think he has done nothing. Stuart tries to console him and then Raj complains that he is as awesome as pasty-faced comic book store owner. Raj leaves and Leonard apologizes. Stuart is fine because he is in a hospital and is not the patient.

Howard is now walking Bernadette around and telling her to remember what she learned in birthing class. Yelling she complains that she thought it was stupid and she was right. Raj peeks in, hears Bernadette's next rant that she wants to snap off her uterus. He nods and leaves.

Raj returns to the waiting room. Penny starts to tell Raj all the things he has accomplished like now being able to talk to females. Raj thinks sarcastically that now he can talk to them about breaking up with him. Stuart tells him that at least he can be a dog owner. Later Penny returns with two bags of M&M's. One of them was Raj's. Howard comes in and announces the birth of their daughter, Halley named after Halley's comet. Also like the comet, Bernadette is not having sex with him again for 75 years. Howard can't wait for They are all so happy for Halley to meet her aunts and uncles and Godfather (Raj). Raj is ecstatic that he has a dog and a godchild.

Peeking into the baby nursery, they see all the new individuals. Sheldon thinks that some will be successful and others will be homeless. They all wonder which one Halley is. All the babies look the same to Amy. Raj is sure he knows since it's his goddaughter. Then they hear one that cries like Debbie Wolowitz. Raj remarks, "That one."

Amy and Sheldon are returning from the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter dressed appropriately having had a fun day. Amy thinks that he would be tired. Sheldon replies, "I saw a magical train and reported a guy for cutting in line. If that's not foreplay. I don't know what is." They both race into their apartment for a romantic evening.



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10.12 The Holiday Summation 

Reported by: A Shamygal

Tape Date: December 13, 2016; Air Date: January 05, 2017

Story: TBD

Teleplay by: TBD

Directed by:  TBD



Lenny are in 4A. Penny asks Leonard if she'd like to help him set up the snacks/food for the gathering of their friends coming over as she sets down veggies and dip on the table. Leonard is putting away the last bits of Christmas decorations and explains to her that he's doing it so that Sheldon doesn't flip out since Christmas time is over. "Sheldon doesn't live here any more..." she argues. "He also doesn't live at Walmart but it didn't stop him from flipping a jack-o-lantern after Halloween." Another take: "He also doesn't live at Walmart but it didn't stop him from (something to do with marshmallow peeps)....and this coming from a man who complains about peeps being hard to find after Easter!" In walk Shamy. Lenny greets them. Sheldon immediately notices mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, "Mistletoe??? Do you manics own a calendar????"

Penny asks them about their trip to Texas. "It's a lonestar state.... That should be a review on yelp, " Sheldon comments. Amy comments that they didn't have a great time. I think all this was said before he noticed the mistletoe actually. "Well, at least you're home." Penny replied with a smile.

The flash backs begin when Sheldon starts telling Lenny the story of what went down in Texas: we see Shamy in a rental car heading towards his mom's house and Sheldon in the passenger seat waking up suddenly and asking how he got there. Back to the present where Amy admits to Lenny she gave Sheldon a special juice so that he would be no trouble while getting to Texas (the plane ride, etc.).

Flashback to Shamy and Mary sitting at the dinner table. Sloppy Joe's are what's for dinner. Mary is finishing up a dinner prayer that ends with, ".....and bless the hands that made the food (something along those lines) and Sheldon comments about that line being self serving. Mary asks them both how things are back at home. Amy starts with, "Howard and Bernadette had the baby!" with a smile. Mary is happy for them and asks, "Will the baby be raised as Jewish or regular?" Amy just stares at her for a moment and Sheldon looks at Amy and says, "Welcome to Texas...." before Amy responds to Mary with, "....they hadn't told us. We have a bit if news ourselves (btw, after Sheldon wakes up in the car, Amy makes the suggestion that they tell Mary they are living together and Sheldon doesn't think it's a good idea really.)....

Sheldon tries to stall by suggesting they start eating the food that "God" made. "Shelly, what's the news?" Mary asks with a smile. He looks at Amy and says, "this is on you...." before turning to his mom and saying, "Amy and I are living together in sin like two New Yorkers." To Sheldon's surprise, Mary is quite happy about it, which obviously makes him question his mother and she replied with, "...by the time you were three, you could name 1,000 different trains and I was convinced that no girl would ever board any of them..."

Also, after Sheldon reveals that to his mom he says something like, "while you scold me, I'm going to get up and get a fork and knife. Joe might by sloppy but Sheldon is not."

Sheldon was offended that his mom basically thought he'd be single forever and stormed out of the room. We later see Amy sitting on the couch with tea with Mary next to her crocheting. "You think I should go talk to him?" "I'm the one he's upset with, I should be the one to talk to him." There's a long pause as Amy looks at Mary, wondering when that would be, "Arrrre you gonna go talk to him now???" Amy asks Mary.

Just then, in walks Sheldon, with a pair of tightie whities on his head and swimming flippers on his feet. Before storming off earlier, he made a comment to Mary that his brother and sister's combined IQ wattage wasn't even enough to power a potato clock, hence his appearance (he's convinced his mom just wanted him to be like them). He sits down in an empty chair and Mary comments to Amy, "You see why I didn't go talk to him?"

At one point, Sheldon and Amy go out, we see them in the rental car and Amy reveals to Sheldon that she had already told Mary that they were living together because she's didn't want it to ever become an issue. Sheldon complains, "My mother thinks I can't find a mate and my mate thinks I can't run my life."

There's a hilarious scene where Sheldon "rebels" and gets one of his ears pierced. Amy is standing by his side as he does it and he screams loudly at the pain. "Then, my mother made me take it out...." he tells Lenny and we see the flashback of Amy pulling the earring out and Sheldon screaming again. "....and then Amy cleaned it with alcohol...." Flashback of Sheldon screaming again."

That pretty much covers Shamys flashback story I think. Some random things related to it: *Leonard made a comment, "keep going, I enjoy other people's pain." *Bernie (after she Howard and the guys come later) makes a comment, "So, you can control it?" After Sheldon makes a comment that he was intentionally being odd with the underwear in his head, etc.  *Penny at one point asks Amy, "So how did Sheldon look with the earring?" Amy replied something along the lines of, "like a pirate helping other pirates to stop pirating...." and Sheldon looks at her and nudges her arm with a big smile on his face. It was so cute.

Howardette arrive at 4A with the baby in tow and behind them are their helpers, Raj and Stuart carrying a bunch of baby stuff. LOL. They're happily greeted by Lenny and Shamy. Howard looks under the blanket of the baby in the carrier and comments, "she's sleeping, can't I stick her in your room?" Lenny agree, "of course." "Poppins, Doubtfire, let's go," Howard says to Raj and Stuart who follow him into the bedroom.

Everyone is seated and I can't remember if Lennies flash back story was told first or Howardette's so we'll just go with Lennie's first. They tell everyone that they got into a big fight. Leonard explains that they started watching Luke Cage together, that's their thing and Penny reveals that she watched two episodes without him. Bernie is staring at them both, weirded out that THAT was their big fight and says, "It's like being excited for a Christmas present and getting socks...." Sheldon makes a comment, "What's wrong with socks?" Penny explains to everyone that they they probably fought over something so minor because of the previous Christmas tree fiasco. Flashback: They're in the car, excited about going to get a Christmas tree. They look cute, Penny has reindeer ears on and Leonard has and elf hat and his Spock ears that he's allowing to double as elf ears. Penny sees an ad in the paper, "Oh look! There's this place where you can cut down your own tree!" Next scene is Lenny in the car, dirty, ears falling off their heads, hair messed up, Leonard's glasses are crooked. Obviously the tree cutting didn't go well. Penny makes a comment, "when you swing an axe, you don't let go!" Leonard mentioned his mittens making his hands slippery. "It's 70 degrees, you don't need mittens!!!" Suddenly, the tree y worked so hard to cut down slides down onto the windshield of the car. "There's something on the windshield..." Penny says sarcastically.

Next part of their flashback is them trying to get the damn trees upstairs to 4A. "You need a break?" Penny asks Leonard who has the end of the tree as she leads. "No," he replies. "It's okay to admit you need a break," Penny tells him. "If I need a break I'll tell you!!!," Leonard shouts at her. Next scene is the tree on top of Leonard as he lays on the floor on the second floor or something. "Leonard, there's a tree on you," Penny says sarcastically. Finally, we see them drag the tree through the door of 4A. Leonard makes a comment about decorating it I think and Penny replies, "with gasoline and a match?" before they both tiredly plop themselves down on the couch. That pretty much concludes their flashback.

Howardette's flashback: we at Howardette's house. We hear Hallie crying and Bernie in the room trying to get her to stop, "It's okay, it's okay....I don't know what you want, my boobs are dry, you want money? (In another take she asks, "do you want lasagna?" She is able to calm the baby down and we see her slowly and tiredly walk out in her sweats, hair messed up and she says, "what have we done?" In walks Howard and the guys. They just came home from shopping. "I got super hero baby wipes! They fight crime and tushie!" he says while flipping them in the air. At one point the baby starts crying again. Stuart says, "I'll take this shift." and goes to take care of Hallie. He gets her quiet immediately and it makes her sad and she starts to cry as she sits on the couch. Howard sits down next to her to ask her what's wrong, "nothing, these are happy tears." "Oh, okay...." Howard replies. "They're not happy tears, you big (I forgot what she calls him)." She is sad and thinks the baby doesn't like her. Howard makes a comment maybe Stuart is so successful because Hallie is playing the possum trick (not his wording but the implication is play dead until he goes away I guess). Raj makes a comment that maybe the baby is just a, "jerk". He also made some comments that back home in India, when his baby brother cried, the servants would just take the baby far away so they could hear him, either that or THEY would just leave.

Back to the present, someone (I forgot who) asked Howard how things were/are for him and he mentioned everything was good, besides all the crying. Flashback of him sitting in bed next to a crying Bernie who is still sad thinking her baby doesn't like her. "How can she hate me? I'm like a human milk machine, that's like hating a frozen yogurt machine...,"she cries. Howard is trying his best to comfort her until he loses it and starts crying too.

Finally, the sweetest part of the flashback: Howard opens the door to Hallie's room to check on Bernie with the baby. It's dark and silent. He's whispering, asking where she is. "down here..." she whispers. He slowly walks across the room and uses his  cell phone to light his path and there is Bernie laying down in the crib with the baby wrapped up in a blanket sleeping by her side. Howard asks how she could fit in there and I'm forgetting her response. Howard makes a joke about thinking outside of the box since she was basically in one (the crib). He asks her if she wants help out of the crib but she wants to stay with Hallie. He squats down near the crib and asks Bernie, "is it okay if I gets some sleep?" She smiles at him and tells him to go ahead. Howard reaches his hand in towards Bernie and says, "good job, mommy...." She tells him not to make her cry. It was so sweet!!!! That pretty much concludes Howardette's story.

At one point while everyone had been listening to Howardette's story, Sheldon did some googling about the blues that women have after giving birth. He read that being encouraging and complimentary to the new mom is good for her. He pats Bernie on the head and says, "You're doing a good job." "Thank you, Sheldon, I feel better...", Bernie says with a smile.

The tag scene is everyone leaving 4A. They say their goodbyes and Leonard or Penny asked when Howardette return to work, Howard mentions he's in paternity leave and Sheldon chimes in, "a small human reeks havoc (pardon my spelling on those if it's incorrect) on his wife's genitals and he gets time off..." he shakes his head and starts to follow Howard out. Howard turns around, "with pay, sucker! (another take: with pay, homie!)" Everyone is out, then Howard comes back in, "I forgot the baby, I'm new at this...." as he heads back towards Lennies bedroom. THE END. Anything I left out will be a surprise for you all.




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10.13 The Romance Recalibration 

Reported by: A shamyyellow

Tape Date: December 13, 2016; Air Date: TBD

Story: TBD

Teleplay by: TBD

Directed by:  TBD



I was at the taping tonight. 

The episode begins with Penny coming home from work and Leonard having prepared her a romantic dinner of flowers, wine, and pizza bagels. She says it reminds her of the 8th grade. Leonard intensifies that memory by expressing his feelings for her through NSYNC lyrics. She asks if he just quoted an NSYNC song to her to which he said, "I just quoted your favorite NSYNC song to you." It's a cute moment but swiftly cuts to Leonard sitting on the couch in his underwear playing video games while Penny looks on. I don't remember if Penny was dreaming or day dreaming, but the overall gist was comparing her fantasy to her reality.

Amy, Bernie, and Penny have girls night in 4B. Amy makes a comment to Penny about how girls night has always taken place in 4B but now that it's no longer Penny's apartment, it's kind of like she's hosting it now. This was one of Amy's "I'm the popular girl" moments and Mayim's delivery was great. The conversation quickly switches to Penny confiding that she feels like ever since getting married, Leonard has stopped trying. There is funny banter in there about how Leonard and Howard never wear pants, to which Amy said that Sheldon always wears pants and she probably couldn't even identify his knees in a line-up. 

Leonard and Sheldon are playing chess in 4A. There is a funny bit where every time Leonard makes his move, Sheldon says if he does that, he'll beat him in 8 moves, 5, moves, 1 move, etc. Penny returns from girls night and Sheldon proclaims that he's trying to take a greater interest in other people, so asks Penny what she ate (chips) and what she drank (wine). She's obviously irritated and I don't remember what Leonard says in response, but Penny replies to him with, "At least he cares enough to ask." Leonard asks where this is coming from but Penny doesn't want to talk about it. When Leonard pushes, she says that he hasn't been putting effort into their relationship to which Leonard says, "Oh really? That's funny because it seems to me like I'm the only one who has ever put any effort into this relationship." It gets pretty heated and Penny says that maybe she'll just take Amy with her to a spa trip she had planned for them. He says that she should and storms out of the room.

Jumping forward to Amy and Penny all packed up and ready to go, Lenny are obviously ignoring each other. Amy leans in to kiss Sheldon goodbye but he stops her to say that he doesn't feel comfortable with displays of affection in front of an unhappy couple. Leonard (or Penny?) tells him to go for it, so they do. It's a small kiss at first and quickly turns passionate -- think Leonard's nightmare about Penny and Sheldon kissing in 9.2. It keeps going until Penny tells them that's enough. Penny is already out the door and Amy in lingering in the hallway telling Sheldon that she's going to miss him. He says that he's going to miss her too. She says she's going to miss him to infinity. He tops her with some scientific speak that I can't recall. Amy is about to top him again when Penny grabs her arm and pulls her out of the apartment. 

There is a car scene with Sheldon and Leonard that I can't remember the details of for the life of me. I think Leonard was just explaining why he needed to find Penny and set things straight.

We see Penny and Amy at the resort. Penny asks when the last time Amy got a massage was. She said Sheldon walked on her back a few weeks ago but that's just because he thought he saw a spider. Amy asks if Penny is going to be naked during the massage and when Penny says she is, Amy pulls open her robe and she has all of her clothes on underneath. The scene was filmed 3 times and the line changed slightly, but she basically says she might be wearing too many clothes. There is a knock at the door and Penny answers to find Leonard and Sheldon. Once again, the details are blurry, but Penny yells at Leonard and says it's sweet that he came but she needs space. Sheldon walks up to Amy and just says "Hello, Amy." This gets her acting flirty and playing with her hair as she says hi back. Sheldon says, "See Leonard? That's how you do it without being overbearing/obvious." 

We then see Shamy leave the hotel room to let Lenny talk it out and there is some running joke about Amy bringing back mini bottles of alcohol so Sheldon knows what it's like to drink like Godzilla. Sheldon suggests the hit up the mini bar to do that now that he's there.

In the next scene, we see all 4 of them sitting at a table. I think Sheldon says something about them getting a divorce (maybe?) Penny says that getting married just brought up some issues that they need to figure out but they both seem in good spirits after their talk. They are both very, very reluctant to say so, but suggest that it might be for the best if Sheldon writes them a Relationship Agreement. Of course, Sheldon couldn't be more honored and delighted. 

The tag scene was all 4 of them back home in 4A going over the contract Sheldon has written up. There is a joke about Leonard's tiny white thighs. Penny asked if that was necessary and Sheldon says that he wrote this up for free, he was allowed to have his fun. Lenny agree that the contract sounds great and Amy says it reminds her of her first relationship agreement. Sheldon says, "And you're obviously forgetting the no sentimentality clause." 

And that was it.

The Raj, Bernie, and Howard storyline was pretty simple. Howard was having trouble putting Halley (correct spelling as its written on the wall in her nursery) to sleep in her crib because the floor in the nursery is so squeaky. Raj and Howard turn the floor into a grid and map out where the squeaking happens and develop a Mission Impossible style pathway to the baby's crib that is super ridiculous. 

And that's basically it.




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