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2016 Voting thread for Fan Fiction and Art


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The voting for the 2016 Fan Forum Awards is now open!

Thank you everyone who sent us in their nominations. With your nominations we were able to put together a great poll. There is such a great group of authors and artists to choose from this year. 
Voting is simple.  Vote here, click on the link and it will take you to the poll. Unlike the nomination round, voting is open to everyone. Please feel free to copy the link and post it elsewhere. Last year we received  more than 350 votes. This year we can do even more. Voting goes on until Sunday the 18th. Winners announced on Monday the 19th.
Voting is a great way to thank your favorite authors and artists for the work they do for us fans. For filling in the gaps of our imaginations with stories and images. Creating new content during hiatus, when we are starved. These authors and artists do so much for our fandom. This is a great way to give back to them.
Please note the art involved is owned by the artists involved.  They have given us permission to include their artworks in the poll. Please don't use or repost the images without the artists consent. Thanks for your understanding
We are so happy for everyone nominated.We wish you all the best of luck. Happy Voting!
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1 hour ago, luminous said:

A big THANK YOU guys for the nominations I received in the fan art section. I feel incredibly honored. :shy:

I wish all nominees the best of luck! :icon_biggrin:


1 hour ago, ShamyKisses said:

I can't believe I'm nominated <3 <3 Thank you so much, guys! It brought a huge smile to my face!


Best of luck to all the nominees, you all deserve it <3

@luminous Your Lenny art is so incredible . It is hard to believe that you did it with just a pencil. I am in awe of your talent. Best of luck!

@ShamyKisses I love your stories so much congrats!



I would also like to say thank you for my nominations. I never expected to actually be nominated. I just love everyones stories so much. I want everyone to win an award! I was extremely gratfied and humbled to see my name show up. Thank you everyone so much.

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I'm so honored to be part of this... 

We have amazing writers and amazing artists here. Sharing their creations with the fandom and loving the show so much with every word and drawing.

Thanks for the nominations and good luck to all the participants!!  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you everyone who voted in the 2016 fan forum awards this year. This year we received over 400 votes. Every author and artist nominated this year was so deserving. We want everyone to know you are all winners! We hope you continue writing and drawing for this fandom because you are all so amazing and talented.

 So without further adieu here are your winners in the 2016 fan forum awards.

Best Author
1st place Boys3allc 59.4% (winner)
2nd place Darcyfitz 26.5%
3rd place QBmaja 14.1%

Best New Author
1st place Bigbangenthusiast 39.1% (winner)
2nd place Jlove 31.8% 
3rd place The Silence Keeper 29.1%

Best Shamy
1st place The Superlative Chemistry by Boys3allc 55.8% (winner)
2nd place The Lost Luggage Love Catalyst by bigbangenthusiasts 27.5%
3rd place The Parallel Universe Affirmation by QBMaja 16.5%

Best Lenny Story
1st place The Hofstadter Manipulation by nibbler747 41.6% (winner)
2nd place The Psychological Experimentation by Kasey 23.4%
3rd place The Command Performance by allanjay 21%

Best Alternative ship
1st place The Romantic Astonishment by nerdforestgirl 50% (winner)
2nd place The Gifting Venture by geekybluestrawberry 28.3%
3rd place The Unlikely relationship by Kimbee73 21.7%

Best Alternate Universe
1st place The Superlative Chemistry by Boys3allc 61.1% (winner)
2nd place The Science of Love by Darcyfitz 38.9%

Best One Shot
1st place The Big Bear Elucidation by jlove 46.7% (winner)
2nd place The Seduction Game Plan by QBMaja 32.1%
3rd place The Bedmate Substitution by ninjanovelist 20.6%

1st place That's Our Thing! By Jlove 55.9% (winner)
2nd place The San Francisco Vacation by Chasingballoons 44.1%

1st place The Science of Love by Darcyfitz 49.7% (winner)
2nd place The Massage Therapy Escalation by Shamybabboos 26.2%
3rd place The Heat of Passion by Stephen Hawking 24.1%

Best Multi-Chapter
1st place The Collegiate Chemistry By Boys3allc 39.9%(winner)
2nd place The Science of Love by Darcyfitz 31.2%
3Rd place The Superlative Chemistry by Boys3allc 28.8%

Wildcard Author
1st Place The Fraternal Flirtation by Chasingballoons 33% (winner)
2nd Place The Cabin Thermalization by Shamybabboos 20.4%
3rd place The Apocalyptic Presumptions by RJ1013 19.8%

Best Artist
1st place RGBCN 53.5% (winner)
2nd place Shamyartzzs 32.6%
3rd Luminous 13.9%

Best New Artist
1st place Miss.sh.c 59.8% (winner)
2nd place becauseimsunny 40.2%

Best Cast Portrait
1st Place Shamyartzzs 46.1% (winner)
2nd place RGBCN 37.2%
 3rd place Luminous 14.1%

Best Shamy art 
1st place RGBCN 30.4% (winner)
2nd place Shamyartzzs 30.1%
3rd place becauseimsunny 20.3%

Best Lenny Art
1st place Luminous tied with Luminous 36% (winner)
2nd place RGBCN 14.7%

Best Crossover/AU
1st Place Shamyartzzs 46.4% (winner)
2nd place RGBCN 28.2%
3rd Place Becauseimsunny 15.3%

Best Based off a Fan Fiction
1st place Becauseimsunny 43.4% (winner)
2nd place RGBCN 38.7%
3rd place Luminous 17.9%

Best Art Wildcard
1st place Shamyartzzs 42.1% (winner)
2nd place RGBCN 26%
3rd becauseimsunny 14.2%





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Yay!! I won Best artist and Best Shamy artist!! I'm SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! (my fav categories hihi)

congrats @luminous @Shamyartzzs @becauseimsunny @miss.sh.c !! We all win at least 1 category!!! LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

Congrats to all fanfic writers! you make the fandom so alive with you stories!! thanks for doing this!!


with love, Regina


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