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Season 10 Ratings Thread


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Week Thirty-Five Live + 7, Week of 15 May, 2017

Based on week Thirty-four numbers  08-14 May,  2017.

CBS ran a new episode 10.24 The Long Distance Dissonance. 

 Premieres are designated with a "P", Special are designated with an "S", and Finales are designated with a "F".   


         Show                               Live + 3 lift                    Show                                       Live + 3 Total    

  1. TBBT                           (F)       1.8                            TBBT                                  (F)          4.5
  2. Grey's Anatomy                      1.4                            Empire                                               3.4
  3. Modern Family                        1.3                            Grey's Anatomy                                 3.2
  4. Empire                                    1.2                             Modern Family                                  2.9
  5. Designated Survivor                1.2                            Criminal Minds                    (F)          2.5
  6. Scandal                                   1.0                             Scandal                                             2.4
  7. Chicago Fire                            1.0                             Chicago PD                                       2.3
  8. Chicago PD                             1.0                             Designated Survivor                          2.2
  9. Criminal Minds              (F)      0.9                             Chicago Fire                                      2.2
  10. Chicago Med                 (F)      0.9                             Chicago Med                      (F)          2.1



     Show                                     Live + 3 lift (000)                Show                       Live + 3 Total(000)     

  1. Designated Survivor                    5228                          TBBT                        (F)       17,954
  2. TBBT                                (F)        4971                         NCIS                                    17,073
  3. Chicago PD                                  3849                          Bull                                       14,721
  4. The Blacklist                                 3832                          NCIS:NO                              12,651
  5. Chicago Fire                                 3706                          NCIS:LA                               11,720
  6. Bull                                                3686                          Criminal Minds                     11,313
  7. NCIS                                             3681                           Hawaii Five-0             (F)     11,002
  8. NCIS:NO                                       3637                           Scorpion                              10,729
  9. Chicago Med                      (F)      3361                           Madam Secretary                 10,592
  10. Modern Family                               3320                          Chicago Med               (F)     10,367



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Everything is now caught up.  Some of the older posts now have numbers in them.   I'm missing one Live + 3 and one Live + 7 (although I do have the shows Live + 7 for that week.)  Will be working on the usual season ending posts, along with some extra stuff on the decline of Broadcast television, and the increase in streaming (it's not as big as you think).  Thank you for your patience while I was waiting for the number to be released.   

Live + Same Day average demo ratings for the season was at 3.10, the only show above a 3.0 this year.  The average Live + Same day viewers averaged 14.03 million viewers.   In Live + 7, the show averaged 4.93 and the average number of viewers, in Live + 7, were at 19.02 million.    The final number of viewers has been stated to be 18.81 million.  This is due to that number being released prior to the last two weeks of Live + 7 being released.   

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Well, we've made it through the tenth season of the show.   As usual, I'm going to do a recap on how the show did, in the ratings.   

To start with, I'm going to point out broadcast TV declined again this year.    In the Live + Same Day 18-49 demo, the average show finished this year with a 1.22 rating.    Last year, the average show finished with a 1.46 rating, so overall, broadcast was down 16%. This should give you some context when you see the declines of various shows.  For instance, if a show only declined by 10%, it's doing fairly well, compared to the majority of other shows.  

First, I'm going to do the Live + Same Day ratings.    The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) finished with a Live + Same Day 18-49 demo rating of 3.10.  This was the highest demo rating for any non-sports series.   This was down from a 3.73 last year, a drop of 17%.  So, TBBT dropped around the average for broadcast television.   Empire was number two in Live + Same Day with a 2.75.  However, it finished last year at number one with a 4.42.  So it dropped 38%, over twice what TBBT dropped.  TBBT had just over two and a half times the ratings of the average first run show.   

CBS ran 23 TBBT repeats this year.  The average 18-49 demo for the repeats was 1.47, so TBBT repeats were rated  higher than the average first run show.  

In viewers, for Live + Same Day, TBBT had 14.03 million, finishing second behind NCIS, which had 14.63 million.   TBBT was down from the 15.25 million in season nine.  This was a drop of only 4%, compared to the drop of 17% for the demo numbers.   TBBT repeats pulled in an average of 7.92 million viewers.  

Remember the above are the numbers for Live + Same Day.


The following numbers are the Live + 7 numbers and are considered the "Official" numbers for the season.  I put official in parentheses as the real, official, numbers aren't usually released to the public.  The following only include the Live + Same Day for the last two weeks, so there will be minor differences.  For instance, TBBT's  Live + 7 numbers, with the last two weeks of Live + 7 added in, TBBT had 19.02 million viewers.  The numbers below have TBBT's Live + 7 "only" 18.99 million.  

TBBT averaged a 4.9 18-49 demo, which made it the number one non-sports show this year.  If sports were included, it still finished third, behind Sunday Night Football at 6.7 and Thursday Night Football, at 5.0.    For non-sports, "This is Us", at 4.6 finished in second, ahead of third place "Empire" at 3.9.    

In terms of viewers, TBBT finished in first for Non-sports shows with 18.99 million viewers, leading NCIS, which finished second with 18.03 million viewers.   TBBT was second including sports, behind Sunday Night Football at 19.75 million.  For comparison, "This is Us" which finished second in demo, was third in viewers with 14.70 million and "Empire" which was in third for demo finished in 17th, in viewers.  

As for the Live + 7 demo comparison from last year, TBBT dropped from 5.8 to 4.9, a drop of 16%, about the same as Live + Same Day.   For viewers, the show dropped from 20.58 million in season nine, to 18.99 million this year.  A drop of 8%, a bit more than for Live + Same Day.

I have two interesting things to close this.  First, TBBT had a 4.9 and finished as the number one non-sports show.  The next highest rated comedy was "Modern Family", in seventh, at 2.9.  A full two points behind TBBT.     As far as viewers, TBBT was again, the number one, non-sports, show, with 18.99 million viewers.  The next comedy is all the way back in 24th place with "Mom", with 9.43 million viewers.  TBBT had just more than twice the number of the viewers as the next highest viewed comedy.  

Second, remember TBBT repeats averaged a 1.47 demo and 7.92 million viewers.    I don't get Live + 7 numbers for repeats, so those numbers are based on who watched a repeat within around seven hours of an 8 PM broadcast.   Also remember, all the shows that get Live + Seven, add viewers for a week after broadcast.  

There were around 165 shows (including sports) on this year.  If you took the Live + Same Day ratings of TBBT repeats,  and placed them in the Live + 7 rankings, as a separate show, it would have tied for 70th place.  In the upper half of the rankings.  Looking at viewers, it would have finished in 44th place almost in the top quarter.  

Feel free to ask questions, and I'll answer them if I can.  

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On 5/10/2017 at 0:00 PM, Tensor said:


I don't know the answer to that one, you would think they would schedule around that.  Interestingly, for TBBT,  the week of the NFL draft, and the two weeks around it, had overnights of a 2.4.  The final ratings for the night of the draft, were up two tenths to 2.6.   The weeks on either side were up a tenth, to 2.5.  So actually, the week of the draft, TBBT had higher ratings than the weeks around it. 

I noticed that anytime TBBT airs an original episode against the NFL Draft, that episode's demo rating and viewership is usually lower than those of the original TBBT episodes that aired on the preceding week and the following week.

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5 hours ago, JimT212 said:

I noticed that anytime TBBT airs an original episode against the NFL Draft, that episode's demo rating and viewership is usually lower than those of the original TBBT episodes that aired on the preceding week and the following week.

Yeah, that's the usual pattern, which made it a bit weird to invert that this year. 

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