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1004 'The Cohabitation Experimentation' (October 10)


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I loved...... for me was very funny ... still laughting ...    

Don´t know if they change the dialogues/shooting styles but seems more agile and I have the impression the episodes for season  10 looks like longer than 20 minutes...

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30 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

I enjoyed most of it. I thought shamy in the ending was so OOC it kind of wrecked an otherwise funny episode.

I'd rate it okay as a result.

(I got to watch it early as it is Thanksgiving day in Canada)

Kind of agree with you. The tag ruined the episode.

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Funny episode. Busted a gut while Leonard busted a move. Never thought I'd describe a couple sleeping together as laugh out loud funny, but Sheldon and Amy were. Poor Amy!:icon_biggrin: Going around to all 4 'couples' added to the humor. Cinnamon lives. Thought she met her maker via Emily. Just kidding,...sort of.

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From Glamour: http://www.glamour.com/story/the-big-bang-theory-the-cohabitation-experimentation-recap?mbid=social_twitter_referral

The Big Bang Theory "The Cohabitation Experimentation" Recap: Sheldon and Amy Move in Together

The moment wasn't quite as big as The Big Bang Theory's Shamy coitus episode, but "The Cohabitation Experimentation" was pretty damn close. Thanks to a broken pipe that led to flooding, Amy moves out of her place and sets up shop with Sheldon for the next five weeks. Was it worth the wait? You bet the quantum gyroscope on it. (Spoilers ahead!)

But seeing Shamy merely cohabitate isn't what sitcom dreams are made of. What came next had to play off each character's neuroses and quirks, and did it ever. What viewers got was one of the most realistic portrayal of what it's like to live with your S.O. (at least on a sitcom) in some time. How'd The Big Bang Theory get it right? Let's count the ways.....(more in the link)



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53 minutes ago, xjax said:

Don´t know if they change the dialogues/shooting styles but seems more agile and I have the impression the episodes for season  10 looks like longer than 20 minutes...

episode two was 19 mins, and all others are longer than 20 mins yes! eps three and four are 20 mins 30 secs and the premiere was 22 mins  : )

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loved every minute of it!( yes, because of Shamy... I'm not going to lie) 

It  was funny seeing how they adapted to their first night and then an argument using scientific terms which got Amy to agree to continue their experiment but at the same time got Sheldon all hot  to agree to a make out so easily....HILARIOUS!!! loved Penny's 'daaaamn' in this scene and the way Leonard kind of had to translate the argument. Cute stuff. 

Lenny dancing in the living room  in their undies... cute!

Howard's comment about getting Bernadette pregnant... funny!

Raj in bed with Cinnamon... adorable... she's the only girl who won't leave or question him. :p

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Okay I have had a very blunt view of the show since like 7x24. Season 8 was an absoloute trainwreck, Season 9 was the aftermath of that trainwreck. But my god the show is back to its absoloute best. They are writing the characters in cannon again. Personally I have not laughed out this loud to Big Bang in years probably Since Season 6. The Egg Salad Equivalency, IMO it is the best episode the show has done since then. If this was a best episode poll tournament, I would def put this one in my top ten. It is that good. Alot of factors for me;


  • The Return of Old School Penny; She is Hot again, She is gorgeous, she looks young and fun again. She is the Penny of old. To me alot of what was unappealing about the show, was how they turned Penny into a boring, domesticated, housewife. I did not feel that for a second in this episode. All season she has felt like Old School Penny. The way they are dressing her, she is coming across now as this sexy, young, fun wife. That she always should be. Leonard you luckey dog. 
  • The Return of the old school Science Dialoge. The last scene was sure OOC for Shamy, but to me that is why it was funny. It was the first time the show has had that much science in their dialoge since 2x01. The String Theory Scene. It was very similar. This is what makes the show imo the most unique comedy series of all time. You got two characters dissing each other through Science. And then you got this universal girl from Nebraska on the outside, going Damnnn. And just like the old days Leonard is the mediator. It was just so funny imo. Best scene the show has done in years. 
  • The new set up; It felt more creative then the show has done in recent years. I was so getting I love Lucy vibes the whole episode. Of course Lenny Ricky and Lucy, and Shamy Fred and Ethel. This new premise of Lenny living next door to Shamy, if consistent. Could completely revitalize the series. 
  • Shamy living in Penny's. If someone told you in Season 3ish, Sheldon would be living with a women at 4B (Not Penny lol). No one would beleive you. It's crazy, but that is why it is funny



  • Leonard letting Sheldon diminish his wife; For all this talk that Penny always sticks up for Sheldon over Leonard, or enables him. The show tonight, showed Leonard is guilty of enabling Sheldon too. Sheldon outright called Penny a slut. I was like Leonard, dude the guy just called your wife a slut, and your just taking it! LOL. I LOL, but honestly Leonard stick up for your women. 
  • Sheldon's treatment of Amy: I know it is Sheldon, but the comments he made to Amy in bed while funny, was still ehh your a dick lol. And when he was getting disgusted by Amy before she hopped in. 


Overall a great episode, and I mean that genuinely. My view of the show tends to be negative, but this episode surprised me on so many levels. I voted Excellent. Probably the funniest episode since Scavenger Hunt Vortex. Writing wise best I've seen Lenny.

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