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1005 'The Hot Tub Contamination' (October 17)


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'The Hot Tub Contamination' - Season 10, Episode 5 
Airs Monday, October 17 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard and Penny must separate a quarreling Sheldon and Amy when their cohabitation does not go as planned, and Sheldon threatens to break off their relationship when Amy refuses to adhere to the bathroom schedule. Also, Howard and Bernadette find unexpected guests at their house when they decide to stay home from a planned vacation.

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Another conversation we can't quite hear ! They did it while Amy was whingeing to Beverley when Penny was talking to Bernadette, now they've done it while Amy and Sheldon were arguing and Penny was talking to Leonard. Don't they know some of us ( or all of us ) would like to know what's  being said in the background ?  Or am I the only nosey one ?

More confirmation Shamy've only 'done it' once. Hints that Raj has something to tell us about what happened to render him unattached again. Roll on tomorrow night to find out more.

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What an awful episode. Sheldon's knocks on the door three times cause his father did the nasty with another woman. Jim Parson's should get a razzie award for bad acting on that one. The Shenny part was equally bad both ripping on each other's SO. I used to like them together but those days are done. Lamy I thought was actually okay. They tried to work on a solution for Shamys relationship. The tag was equally gag me with the toothbrushes. I'm not sure how Kaley was able to fake cry and not gagging at the end. You know the show is bad when the best part is Raj and Stuart together in a hot tub.

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From Glamour

Spoilers ahead!

The Big Bang Theory finally revealed Bernadette's baby bump tonight and that Raj is actually single, but none of us could have seen the big reveal coming about Sheldon Cooper. And I mean none of us.

The writers and producers of The Big Bang Theory have told us in numerous interviews over the years that there are certain secrets they're superstitious about revealing. For one, there's the mystery surrounding Penny's maiden name. Another is why the elevator has never gotten fixed. "It just became superstition," executive producer Bill Prady told us. "I don't know [if it will ever be revealed]."...(more in the link)



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I did not enjoy this episode as much as last weeks, but I did enjoy it nonetheless.   I loved Lenny in this one, with Leonard putting his hand on Penny's knee and the knuckle high-five when he joked about Penny not compromising but settling.   The reason I appreciated this so much was because it shows that Leonard jokes as much about the marriage as Penny does.   So, while this aspect of Lenny's relationship used to bother me, I'm getting used to it because they seem to be having fun with it.

I found the Raj/Stuart hot tub scene kind of okay, but I enjoyed Howardette.   I love that even in Bernadette's pregnant and nauseated state, Bernie still gets Howard's motor running.    Enjoyed seeing him rubbing her feet and trying to make her comfortable and laugh.

Shamy, well, I've got mixed feelings here.   In some ways I was frustrated with their situation.   There is no doubt in my mind that Sheldon loves Amy and wants to change for her.    Amy still frustrates me because all she can think of is how difficult Sheldon is to live with, and Leonard eggs her on.  I enjoyed hearing Sheldon tell Penny that Amy is difficult to live with, too.   Will we ever get to hear Amy acknowledge this herself? 

Once again, we get Sheldon revealing something to Penny that Amy is none-the-wiser of.   So, I guess Penny is going to remain the keeper of all of Sheldon's secrets that explain his behavior.

I guess I will end up posting my views on the Discussion Thread.    Nonetheless, I loved Shamy's hug at the end, especially the way Sheldon totally wrapped his arms fully around Amy. 

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TBH I only watched this episode to see Raj and his dating status.  Okay-ish episode. 

Although, Penny's line was pretty funny - "She wanted to share a toothbrush holder with you and now you are in an ice cream parlor trying to pick up women " LOL. Height of overreaction.

Anyway, Sheldon apologized he in the end to Amy that he was just kidding about other girls and they hugged.. And Sheldon gave up his bathroom schedule in one week for Amy, something which he never did with Leonard in 9 years ......so progress for the Shamy shippers , I guess ?? 

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Oooooo, that was not a good follow up.

My recording cut out Sheldon explaining the 3 knocks backstory but I caught it on YouTube. Probably not the right episode to drop this bomb in, but at least it's continued character work even if you hate he told his nanny Penny first.

Sheldon and Amy's fight was lazy in that it was just Sheldon running off like again like he has so many times before. Then we got Leonard making his usual "Sheldon is so hard to deal with" remarks which I'm pretty sure have been said by now in every single possible way. Plus Amy having to be reminded the road of Sheldon is one she's almost at the end of, which Amy shouldn't have to be coddled with knowing by now. Just retreads all over the place. Huge ass filler.

Ok so Raj hasn't told anyone what happened because his bragging blew up in his face. I'm still skeptical they'll actually flashback to it. Other than that, the hot tub stuff was kind of cringe and is hopefully the last time they rely on Raj/Stuart being pathetic for the rest of Season 10. So much for a new set with an actual Howardette vacation.

"God, please make this election be over soon".

Next Time: Big Bang moves to its new night....which is its old night. Geez CBS, you've done this exact schedule 3 years in a row, stop with the new night advertisements. But I guess there are just some viewers casual enough to not even notice this.....

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I despised the episode. So incredibly awful. Sheldon and Penny was just so ridiculous. IMO it felt forced, inorganic and I don't feel as it did add anything to the overall story. So.... Raj goes from dating 2 women to none? Consistency much? He says it is by his own choice but even that sounds false. Then again, it's Raj so...who cares? Howardette was a little funny, but mostly meh...

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When I saw the shamy hug in the bathroom before I saw this episode ,I was so excited and howled for six times.And don't know why,I turn back to see the episode  "The Cooper/Kripke Inversion " I suppose I always want to see how sheldon treasures Amy.When sheldon said"I like you for who you are,quirks and all."and when shledon said"I hope you teasures this,as much as I treasure you", I really want to see sheldon proves these with action.I always defend Amy more than sheldon.but don't know why,when I saw this episode,I oddly feel the hug is too sweet and a little weird.I can't accept it right away,,,,(I began shipping shamy on August this year,I spent two months in shipping shamy.Shamy is great. I love shamy.And  I don't like sheldon or Amy.This is my second time to post an English comment in a forum,so magic. )

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Solid episode and turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

Love the Howardette scenes but then this storyline has sucked me in and I have found it refreshing. The hot tub scenes with Raj and Stuart were interesting especially Howardette's reaction, the biggest development from that storyline was learning about Raj's single status. I wonder if we might find out more at some point, perhaps a flashback scenes might be good?

I'm probably in a minority here but I'm getting sick and tired of Leonard's bitching, he has barely offered any sound advice during the experiment just on the whole makes his snarky bitchy comments about Sheldon, you know his best friend.

Penny is the mature one now, she offers sound advice and at least shows some signs of caring for her close friends and trying to help them. Penny saw through Sheldon's overreaction straight away and sorted him out.

I think Penny is showing how life smart she is (and Sheldon was right to be envious of that) by seeing the whole situation as a 'kill two birds with one stone' here. She is helping her friends who she cares and loves for and it also plays to her and Leonard's advantage in terms of living together in the future if they can keep Shamy going through this rocky adjustment period. Maybe getting that job and the responsibilities has matured her or maybe it's simply marriage and getting older but Penny is a lot more mature right now and comes across as a better friend than Leonard especially to Sheldon. I think we badly need some scenes or activities with Sheldon and Leonard having fun soon, their friendship seems to be losing its spark.

Sheldon was an ass at times but he was clearly overreacting and admitted he didn't want to see other women. As usual it was him saying things that could be construed as hurtful as a way of deflecting how he feels about something. Penny saw straight through it and Amy I think did as well though perhaps to a lesser extent. He's worrying about stuff that may or may not happen and factors out of his control instead of thinking about the present and what he has right now in his life. It was always expected that he would have his wobble, just like Amy had her's in the previous episode.

Sheldon apologized by giving his most sincere apology I have ever seen him give and he caved in on the schedule. Amy means so much to him and clearly he loves her and wants to make this work. Leonard's reaction was so striking, it was like 9 years I have had to live by this schedule and yet after a week he abolishes it for Amy?!

They writers are such teases, the way Sheldon puts his hand on her hand and says about taking their relationship to the next level. The writers really are going to keep teasing an engagement but it doesn't come aren't they? The way Sheldon asks her to share a toothbrush holder has the classic proposal or line or close to it lol. 

The hug, wow the hug. Greatest display of affection between them? It's right up there. It's certainly the greatest hug they have ever done as a couple, you can feel the love and the way Sheldon rests his head on hers and closes his eyes lovingly, just wow. I think it's better than their Earworm kiss, that was more passion and a 'oh how I have missed you' display of affection. This just felt like pure love. And Penny's reaction, oh she is such a Shamy shipper and she cares so much for her friends.

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Overall that was a good episode. I loved the PALS part, in particular the Shamy tag, that hug was amazing, and how Penny helped Sheldon to sort out his feelings (but you'll hear me speak about that in the Shipper thread, so no need to repeat myself). TBH, I found the other plot pretty boring. I didn't find particularly funny the idea of somebody sneaking in other's people hot tubs, and I can do without rehashing the Raj/Stuart broommance, especially since it seems to have the same exact characteristics it had in the past, with depressed, broken Stuart and lonely, whiny Raj. Raj's harem was a bad idea to begin with, but I think it needed an on-screen closure, not just few lines that made us understand both girls dumped him for apparently no reason...

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Really liked the episode overall - not a hit like last weeks but a solid follow up.

The PALS part was played out as expected. I enjoyed Lenny helping Shamy to sort out their problems, for their own selfish goals, sure, but they're also great friends. Especially Penny wearing her Shamy shipper batch is always fun! Also, THAT HUG!!! <3

I'm honestly positively surprised about the other storyline. As clichéd as TV pregnancies can be I honestly think Howardette are getting some wonderful material here. Howard trying to cheer Bernie up was adorable and they're a lot of fun to watch. The Raj/Stuart stuff was a bit more of the same old miserable loser nonsense. And I'm still so mad about this stupid UGH Raj storyline ending with a line or two about how he's single again. UGHHHH

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 I must say I have enjoyed more last week s episode, it was funnier and worked better as a whole. Ep 5 was good in a few scenes, especially shamy and bernardette scenes.

I just love Howard and Bernie relationship.  He is so cute with his wife keeping his weird personality, hehe. Love Howard sexy voice, it always make laugh hard!

Raj and Stuart.imo, it was ok, not very funny. Unless they are a potencial couple? That would be an interisting story in tbbt universe, as it is not the first time  that a episode  might hint they really enjoying  hangging out together. But it is not likely to happen in this  show.

Lenny again without a story of their own? Their role as they helped shamy was nice, especiallly Pennny advice to Sheldon to amend what he said to Amy but they deserve more of only being couple conselours.

My favourite was shamy story. It was  an interisting  take on Sheldon s struglings as his relationship  with Amy takes to next level  ( proposal teasing alive and kicking, lol).

Shamy hug....I wrote about it in shamy thread for your sake in this thread.  I can say I loved it very much! :wink:

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If I had to choose which episode to watch again I would say 10x04 and not this. It was ok but nothing more for me. The way Amy rolled from Sheldon's spot before he entered the room was funny. And Stuart scaring Raj. 

I don't know how this will end up in Shamy sex, just because Sheldon can now think some women are sexy, but eventually it will happen maybe before the year ends.

I wrote in a previous post that I do like that Amy stands for herself.

Lenny are good friends and I like Leonard's and Amy's interactions.

Howard and Bernadette are just fine. Howard wants to have sex with her after hearing her throwing up? This is so sweet.

Raj is single but I don't think the writers want to give him a story. He will stack with Howard and Bernadette.

And finally I liked the Shamy hug in the end.


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