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The Trundle Reaction


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My lastest Shamy AU One Shot.  



For a period of about 24/48 hours, somehow my initial draft overwrote the original published final version when I went back in to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes. 

The story has been updated to fix the issue.

I apologize to anyone who read the draft and got confused by the continuity issues and errors.  It was never meant to be seen.  However, for those that did, I know you appreciate the work and rework that goes into creative writing and understand.

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10 minutes ago, jenafan said:


If I ever need to hire someone to market my writing for me, your are it.  You are so sweet.  Thank you so much!  

I'm just one of many talented writers out there longing for people to read and enjoy their hard work. 

You are welcome. I just like to recomend things that I love :)

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