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On 4.8.2017 at 2:52 AM, djsurrey said:

I wonder why they picked Galveston Texas.

One thing I noticed reading the wikipedia page on Galveston is the geology looks really uninteresting. Quite different to my experience with proximity to the Rocky Mountains which have hotsprings, towering cliff faces, marble canyons, Columbia Icefields and the Burgess Shale. All in contrast to the nearby badlands. There geology is quite fascinating and fills one with wonder. Lacking in technology development though.

Galveston is near Houston which is fourth most populous city in the US. Home to mission control for NASA. Not exactly far from a hubbub of humanity. Where I grew up one really could hear the fields of crickets (literally -- except they are common grasshoppers).

Maybe they just chose some Texas city for TBBT, they probably hadn't imagined that they will be making a series about Sheldon's childhood that would have to take place there due to that choice. Also, some series take place in pretty plain place, like "The Middle" where this is part off the premise. I don't see a reason for Sheldon to be living in some special place.

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19 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

But I always saw it's more as a Sci Fi/Fantasy Type War Film. 

I think it is more of a fantasy hero journey set in a place with spaceships and space battles. 

see http://www.moongadget.com/origins/myth.html


Lucas had already written two drafts of Star Wars when he rediscovered Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces in 1975 (having read it years before in college). This blueprint for "The Hero's Journey" gave Lucas the focus he needed to draw his sprawling imaginary universe into a single story.

Note that the Wachowski Brothers' wonderful film The Matrix is carefully built on the same blueprint:

There is a comic element. At least comic relief from C3PO and R2D2.

By 1989 star wars is already receding into history but it was re-released on VHS in 1985 so there is a good chance Young Sheldon could have the VHS and some of the merchandise.

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17 hours ago, djsurrey said:
19 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

Btw Sw a comedy? Hmm never saw SW like that. It def unique in its universe. Has elements of comedy. But I always saw it's more as a Sci Fi/Fantasy Type War Film. 

Btw I read another article, saying well their be a YS Tbbt cross over? Not sure how that could possibly work. Unless the Time Machine from Season 1, suddenly becomes real.


Just came across this...


...Lorre has ideas for stories that could tie the two shows together. “We’ve discussed the possibility that the stories we tell on Young Sheldon can echo into The Big Bang Theory,” Lorre said. “People that come into his life in 1989 and impact on him, we might meet them on The Big Bang Theory 30 years later. We’re definitely discussing the ripple effect the show is going to have going forward in time. We’re not there yet.”

from http://www.slashfilm.com/how-young-sheldon-is-like-the-wonder-years/

:icon_cheesygrin::icon_cheesygrin::icon_cheesygrin: Done right that could be good. So I think we can expect continued focus on sheldon.

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According to Briana Cuoco's IG stories, she is choreographing on YS for the episode they are taping this week...well, I hope they don't cut the thing short as they did for the last choreograph of hers on TBBT. Also, in her IG stories there's a glimpse of Sheldon's room, it looks like young Sheldon shared a room with Missy as a kid.

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