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Thank you...


I must confess, I've watched The Big Bang Theory, if it was on, and it did make me laugh and probably watched it more with people I know who like TBBT. I also remember watching the Emmys in 2012 and Jim Parsons won one for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper - but it wasn't until very recently (like a week or two now) that I've actually gotten into TBBT. Watching episodes (in whatever order) from all 10 seasons, I've seen a lot, but there are still episodes I haven't seen yet (that in my current phase, I'd watch them yet, and soon).. In these past 2 weeks, I've found that Penny's car (before Leonard bought her a car after her first one died).. is like my car! I drive a 2001 Mk3.5 Golf Cabriolet/Cabrio, Penny had an older one/cool still (one I also like), a Mk2 or Mk1 of my car, only hers was red and mine is gold in colour (or beige according to Volkswagen); it's also my first car (I bought it used this year, last February), and, I have a provisional license so, I bought a car before even getting my driver's license/I'm learning to drive. My car's check engine light is constantly on too btw... Weird, I relate to both Penny and Sheldon.

But at the end of the day, I am me, and I am real, not a fictitious character; Hello everybody. 

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