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Meh... yum, I guess if cooked properly. My dad spent a lot of time in France studying and swears by the things. I can't help but think of Brian the snail from The Magic Roundabout when I see them all sitting there, boiling away >< poor slimey things.


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My wife males it from scratch and it's GREAT.  Sorry never tried it (LOL). Strawberry Tart.

Here's a recipe for you, Spoonmouse... https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2686661/spotted-dick (It's just a fruit sponge pudding but I know what you mean) Sorry, Yuck   scotch eggs 

I thought this be fun way to get to know each other! Basically, you say a food and the next poster says 'yuck' or 'yum' and then they post a food! Ex: Cheese Yuck Okay, I'll start. Bana

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Frogs' legs and escargot are not that bad as they don't really have any taste. Frogs' legs are fried food and the parsley and garlic garnish is the only taste when you eat escargot.

Haggis -> Yuck

Cheese fondue

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Yuck .... but because it has onions in it

Strawberry Shortcake

Guacamole doesn't have onions lol and thats a yum for me

yum for onions also

strawberry shortcake YUM!!!

indian food (mainly curry sauce base)

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