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Penny actually the space alien! A new show ending idea!


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Remember, when in the beginning everyone believed Sheldon was a space alien. What if Penny was the space alien cryborg/ clone. 

The aliens kidnap the real penny human before she moved into the building.  The penny the guys meet was actually a clone / cryborg. That why she drinks so much.  Its fuel she needs to recharge her batteries.   Who job was to study Sheldon. Instead she fall in love with Leonard.

The aliens return the real human penny back to earth. Upload the alien / cyborg / clone memories to the human penny. And human penny and Leonard lives happy ever after. 

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2 hours ago, SRAM said:

Sounds like a fan fiction to me.  Though it would explain why she is so strong and why she hangs around with the guys so much.

I just had this idea a couple of days ago.  I was thinking of writing a fan fiction on this first.  But I wanted to see what kind of reaction I got from people. 

Yeah, she pretty strong and athletic.  But than again.  Compared to the guys, just about anyone else are strong and athletic.   But I see your point!

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