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1020 The Recollection Dissipation.


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3 hours ago, 5Mississippis said:

In a party of one here, but I think I'm the only person in the entire TBBT universe that HATES 'Soft Kitty'.

Didn't watch the episode but you're not alone. It's so cringe worthy. Then again I have a real problem with people singing on TV or in movies, especially if it's horrible. I can't listen to Penny's singing in 3x03, either. The German word for it would be "Fremdschämen", which means to feel really embarrassed for someone. And you're right, it makes Sheldon look like a toddler which for some reason they just love to do.

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2 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

Joyce Kim....he was going to...

No the actual quote was that he brought it home because she wanted to see what he was working on.  Leonard was not going to give it to her, she was probably going to steal it, and if she did, and he reported it he would be guiltly of mishandling classified material which could, or not, lead to jail time based on the people running the program wanting to prosecute him or not.  Leonard had no idea she was a spy until she defected and it was never explained if he reported her interest after they found out.  Civilians in his position, working on special projects for the government, are given more latitude when they do stupid things that government people who do the same thing.  So if he was the primary scientist on the program, they might just hush the whole thing up and just control him more while he continues to work on the program.  

That rocket fuel must have really been very accessible because I think that was the same fuel he blew up the elevator with so Leonard seemed to have no problem getting all he wanted.  That is just another inaccuracy of the show, classified items are tightly controlled so sneaking out with a tank of rocket fuel really seems far fetched.

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2 minutes ago, SRAM said:

  That is just another inaccuracy of the show, classified items are tightly controlled so sneaking out with a tank of rocket fuel really seems far fetched.

Same with Sheldon's notebook. If it contains classified material (drawings, equations, formulas, etc.) it would be similarly controlled. He would not be walking around with it in his bag, or taking it home.

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It was a okay episode i wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again,i liked that they brought back the laundry room and soft kitty it was nice getting to hear that in different languages.I thought the Howard telling Stuart about aunt trixie and and Lenny doughnut line where probably the best parts of the episode i actually liked the ADD joke by Penny aswell.I was surprised to see Penny actually looked sad that Leonard couldn't go with her to the reception,but i didn't like that she invited Raj to go with her.

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That was quite charming! Not a classic, per se, but lacking in atrocity and with some definitely lovely moments. Howardette were the standouts for me. I have been really pleasantly surprised with how sympathetically the show has treated Bernie's pregnancy and attempts to juggle career and motherhood, and Rauch and Helberg have such lovely tender chemistry in those scenes.

I liked the tag scene for the continuity touch of Amy's linguistic prowess (witness her made-up languages and her overpronounced Spanish), as well as Sheldon's pride in said prowess. The laundry scene with Shenny also had flickers of the sparring chemistry of yore. All in all, a solid outing.

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-The winner gets Shellder.

-"Two dates to the nerd prom". HAR HAR HORF.

-Of course it's the number right inbetween 4 and 7.

-Sheldon initially had platypus skepticism.

-Stuart is an expert on health. If he even has health insurance.

-Good, Penny was trained to improve her usage of language. "God bless you" is a rude thing to say to someone.

-Sheldon/Penny flirting and Penny caring about Sheldon's delicate conditions. Two more seasons to make Shenny happen.

-Meatloaf is disgusting.

-Picture of Stuart on file....I don't even want to know what that implies.

-Sneeze Toast. You can't believe it's not butter.

-Am I forgetting something about Sheldon and cold medicine?

-Penny's pants were missing?

-How'd they get in the microwave? Highly doubt anyone will care about that "classified info" even if they find it.

-The breast milk scene from how many episodes ago gets a callback? Although I'm pretty sure Stuart wanted to use that before.

-So he can remember to send her fake Christmas cards but not tell her that her aunt died. Seems legit!

-What happens to people like Sheldon in prison?

-"How do you turn that thing off?". You're trapped, Penny.

-"I don't know a lot about women, but I know I upset them". 

-It's impossible that the baby won't at least remember how much it wailed. There's going to be some underlying issues there.

-These Cowboy Bar scenes are so cringy. Sad state for humanity.

-Soft Kitty: Shamy Edition. The extra language versions sold it for me I spose. Still just fanservice disconnected to the rest of the episode. Hopefully next week is less of a filler. This was pretty bare bones....

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