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The 46,000 Replies Thread

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2,490   PS Im (kinda)back amoung the living !

This is a very simple game. We just keep replying until we hit 46,000 posts. The only rule is you can't double post (if you posted last, wait until somebody else posts before replying). Post #1

21,000.   And it's time for breakfast !!

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Q: What is the square root of 6,943,225?

A: 2,635




Merry CHRISTmas to all, good day, and to all a good night/day

                                     AND REMEMBER



Very well said walnut

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 I would LOVE to see us make 3,000 by Monday.

 We need to average about 51 posts per day to get there!

If all goes well I can be available between 2:10 PM to about 6:00 PM (my local time) tomorrow to just work on this thread!

And any other time that anyone finds me (between now and New Year) on any other posts just PM me and I'll devote my time on this thread (except for now)!


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Q: What is the square root of 7,038,409?

A: 2,653


We can do this get to 3,000 by New Year's Eve or before the ball drops in New York City, even if means us having this thread be in our homepage tabs for the next few days

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