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I must admit i think the programme works so well cos there seems to be a real chemistry between all the actors. Like the way you can see kaley often start to laugh at the the lads but you get the feeling its real laughter at the scrpit. Not acted.

I feel Sheldon certainly has the strongest character and a good chuck of the classic/extra geeky lines however i like the subtlety of Raj. He never really gets any in your face quick one liners, he gets the more subtle, quiet, awkward jokes. Like "the dumpling paradox" when Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are all having a conversation, go to bed, lights go out and the camera pans out to Raj in the kitchen making a sandwich.

Or when he meets Missy, goes to talk to her at Pennys apartment, you know he's the one she likes but the pills wear off and he can only squeek at her.

Raj is the man.

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