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Kaley Cuoco


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16 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

Yeah Kaley could benefit from being a little more private about her private life. 

Or maybe she could just stop responding to the trolls.  

IMO, her response was unnecessary, other people in the comments had already called out the trolls for their self-righteous posts.  Also, there are a lot of people who comment on celebrity IG posts hoping to get attention from the celebrity, if you create an atmosphere of responding to nasty comments, more people will post them just to get you to respond to them personally. 

A better tactic would have been to edit/amend her original text for the post.

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6 hours ago, son-goku5 said:

I highly doubt anyone but a nitpciker would see this as K * Cx2 :icon_cheesygrin:

Also, I think if he proposed, we'll see a ring on one of her pics.

I'm an engineer so of course I'm anal.

That part was a joke based on what was actually meant by that carving.


I thought Karl making her a bench out of an old log was sort of different, she seemed to really like it.  I would think that two people, who have so much money,  that could buy each other anything, it would make a gift special if the one person hand made it.

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3 hours ago, Lagernisse said:

Kaley is getting ready for the talkshow "The Talk" and she is bringing a special guest according to herself on IG.

I'm guessing that the special guest is Karl or her horse "Smooshy" 

You were right. It's Shmooshy. :icon_wink:

(from christinesymondshair's IG stories)


Kaley's outfit for "The Talk"



I hope she's not freezing. :icon_redface::wink:

(taken from Kaley's IG stories)



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  • Tensor locked this topic

 OK, everything should be done, as far as splitting out the discussion thread from the Kaley thread.   I'm going to go back and check to make sure I have moved all the posts, but the Kaley Cuoco, Season 11 Discussion threads are now open.   Some may still get notifications, as posts have been moved, but they should now be in the right places.  If you notice something not in the right place, please PM me.  

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