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I was kind of wondering if rule # 6 had anything to do with 2 cast mates secret dating shenanigans earlier on. :icon_redface:

Doubt it. When those rules came out, Kaley had been dating Christopher French for about five or six months. He stayed with her (and may have been living with her for a couple of months prior) while she recovered.

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It was a tongue-in- cheek comment as I thought Chuck's was too. I don't have a sarcasm sign.


But I did say "secret dating shenanigans earlier on." Meaning before the rules were written.

Sorry strawberry, Mea Culpa.

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Is there a publicly released story behind the no boating at Comic-Con? The only one I can think of is Michael C. Hall of Dexter running the boat into the dock. I'm wondering if rule 4 is a proactive response to that.


TBBT made their first appearance at Comic Con in 2008, they went down to San Diego a day early to enjoy themselves.  The cast decided to rent a boat and go sailing by themselves.  Chuck totally freaked out when he found out. 


There's a YouTube video...search The Big Bang Theory Comic Con 2008...It's in 3 parts, the boat story is in part 3, Bill talks about the declassification of Pluto as a planet and the cast talks about who is like their characters and why (that's where the boat story comes in)..  It's pretty funny.....and they all look so young.

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My favorite Check Lorre Vanity Card is from Kaley's first episode back after breaking her leg......:)


I hadn't seen this one it is very funny but obviously based on concern.


Following Kaley Cuoco's horseback riding injury, I've instituted new rules governing acceptable leisure activities for the cast of The Big Bang Theory

1. No friggin' horses. This includes those found on merry-go-rounds and in front of supermarkets. 

2. The only motorcycle you can get on is the one you're accidentally crushing in your big-ass, air-bagged SUV. 

3. All cast member motor vehicles must adhere to U.S. Army guidelines for attacking Kandahar. (Galecki's Tesla is a terrifically fuel efficient vehicle but is essentially a hundred thousand dollar go-cart. From now on it is only to be used for backing down his driveway and retrieving mail.) 

4. The only permissible boating activity at Comic-Con is in your hotel room bathtub. 

5. Alcohol should only be ingested at home, and while seated in a big comfy chair. Wild and carefree dancing that celebrates your incredible and well-deserved success is only allowed on New Year's Eve, and only with a sober celebrity parasitic flunky to lean on. 

6. And finally, sexual acts must be performed while horizontal. Certain high-risk Kama Sutra positions might be allowed, but only after consultation with Chuck Lorre. Like with dancing, a spotter might be required.


1st Aired: 4 November 2010

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Has any one bought the Wedding Ringer DVD. If so, how were the special additional features, funny?

I'm curious to know what the deleted scene is that she said "even still to this day she can't believe she did" 

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I got mine pierced when I was a teen but within a few weeks the holes kept getting infected even with making sure they were clean so I stopped wearing earrings and let the holes close up

I admire anyone who gets them done. Its painful! Mayim has 14!

I have 14 as well. It's a struggle! The painful part isn't getting them pierced. It's having to sleep on them or accidentally getting them caught on your shirt or something haha.

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I tend to ignore tat's, everyone seems to have them, but that tat of a head on Ryan's arm really creaps me out. I've seen that on a couple other people in pictures and that is one tat I can't understand why people would put that on their body.

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