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Kaley Cuoco


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Well, she was a heavy Afrin user, but that's why she had the sinus surgery done.   :icon_razz:

LOL, I forgot about the sinus surgery till after I made my smart-ass post.

Since her surgery has anyone noticed a difference in how she talks?

Did you notice a difference? I thought maybe there was a little, but not much, at least not significant enough to distract, but again I have been around jet aircraft too much so my hearing is not perfect anymore.

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I haven't but then I haven't been looking out to notice.... maybe I will check out a few tbbt before and after clips

I remember a couple of episodes before her surgery that I thought she sounded very nasal and I just thought that maybe she was getting a cold.

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On her hair? I'm betting it was a combination of the "Burning Bodhi" role and curiosity. That the hair stayed shorter for TBBT could have been a nod to continuity there? (I know...continuity is not their strong suit...)

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I suspect she will keep it still shorter, but she may have to wear a wig or cut it again for continuity for The Big Bang Theory because Molaro made it sound like they would pretty much pick up wear they left off when they return in Season 9.   I don't think there will be weeks or months of span so they would have to find a way to keep it similar to where it had been when they last taped.

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