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1 hour ago, Stephen Hawking said:

One question.

What's a CVS Pharmacy?

I would guess a Pharmacy company, a bit like Boots, Lloyds in the UK etc.

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9 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

Do you have to pay for 'the pill' in the USA ?


My daughter's insurance covers 100% of the cost.  If you don't have insurance there are low cost options available.

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3 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

Condoms are also available free.

Quite correct. You can purchase them ad hoc in many places or get them for nothing. NHS and Local Authority family planning clinics used to issue them in gross boxes when I was working. For those too young to remember, a gross is 144 ie a dozen dozens. ( It was a useful quantity for centuries when weights and measurements were traded in units of twelve and there were twelve pennies in a shilling. ) When handing condoms (aka 'the sheath' )  over, staff had to ask, 'Does your husband need instructions ?'. IIRC 1970 was the last year contraceptives were charged for. I remember 'the pill' was 16/-  for a month's supply. The 'cap' etc is also free.

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