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Season 11 Taping Night Chat Thread.


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As we no longer have a Chat function, this thread will act as a chat on Taping nights.   Normally, this thread will stay locked.  On taping nights, between 9-10 Eastern (currently 0100-0200) we will unlock the thread for use, and after we get any information about the taping, or around 2 AM Eastern time (currently 0600 UTC), we will lock the thread.

We suggest that users treat a post, in this particular thread, as one line in the former Chat.   Of course you can quote, to answer a specific post, something that wasn't available in Chat.  An additional bonus is that you won't have to make random posts (like ... or +++) to stay in chat, as the thread will simply stay open until the end of the night.  

If there was a problem with a poster violating our rules, in Chat, that poster, after several verbal warnings, could be kicked, or banned, from Chat.   However, as individuals cannot be kicked out of a single thread, or banned from a single thread we have developed a different procedure to deal with unruly posters.  

 If several verbal warnings in the thread,  do not stop the poster from becoming unruly, that poster can be issued a Zero point Friendly Warning, the post leading to the warning being hidden, along with their future posts being put on Moderator Queue.   When on Moderator Queue, all of their posts(even in other threads) have to be approved by a moderator, before becoming visible.  Normally, those put on mod queue for chat violations, will be taken off Moderator Queue, when Chat is locked for the night.  However, for particularly egregious offenses, the Moderator Queue could be extended until Tripper and I have a chance to discuss it, usually the next day.

This is something new for us, and some things may change as we gain some experience with this type of chat.    If you think you have something that may make this better, please drop me a PM and we'll look it over.  

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In the meantime, some fun stuff in alex aylers' IG stories...@luminous posted a screen shot of one of the, a take away dinner in 4a, and after that there was another one where you can see the taping going on on a screen in background...

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