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11.02 The Retraction Reaction

Reported by: ShamyBabboos

Tape Date: August 22, 2017; Air Date: October 02, 2017

Story: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland and Maria Ferrari

Teleplay by: David Goetsch, Eric Kaplan, and Anthony Del Brocolo

Directed by:Marc Cendrowski

All we've gotten so far is the information below from ShamyBabboos Tumblr.   When any other information (title, writers, director) I'll post it.

Title was on ShamyBabboos Tumblr, and brought to my attention by by Kev0821, notchinc informed me of the writers and directors and luminous provided some Lenny information.    


Leonard has an interview with Ira Flatow on Science Friday, and it doesn't go well.   Leonard says physics is dead.

Bernadette and Amy are talking about how they are more successful than their guys and how they each hide it from them.

After hearing about Leonard's comments, the other guys get depressed about it.  

Amy and Bernie then start trying to one up the other, as to how is more successful.  Amy boasting of more funding and a new laboratory since returning to Caltech.

Leonard is called into Mrs. Davis' office, where she tells him Cal Tech isn't happy about his negativity about Physics.  Penny is supportive of Leonard during the whole episode. At one point they have a talk and Penny is comforting her husband.


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11.06 The Proton Regeneration

Reported by:  Babar

Tape Date: October 03, 2017; Air Date: November 2, 2017

Story: TBD

Teleplay by: TBD

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Originally, very little was reported for this episode.  What we had Howard-Bernadette plot where Howard talks about, or gets a vasectomy.    Also, Bob Newhart appears as Professor Proton and Wil Wheaton appears as...Wil Wheaton.  

ETA:  The following was provided by Babar, from a  screener they recieved a couple of weeks after the taping.  

Starts with everyone and Lenny's apartment and Howard is shoveling food down his mouth. Bernie asks him to slow down but he says that he can't have food 12 hours before his vasectomy procedure and is making the most of it. Raj is also doing the same and says he is stress eating. Sheldon then sees on his phone that they are reviving Professor Proton and are recasting the role since Arthur died. Sheldon says that the show is very important to to him and he would like the new "professor Proton" to do it justice. He then starts describing the person he would like to takeover the role and the gang realizes that he's describing himself. He says Professor Proton touched a lot of children and he would also like to touch as many children as possible (lol). Leonard asks him to put that in his audition tape. Amy then says that it would be cool if they cast a woman in the role but Sheldon says "they" already have Ghostbusters and Doctor Who now, what more they want.

Next we see Sheldon in a lab coat preparing for his audition tape with Amy in their apartment. He shows her his expression for "interesting", "very interesting" and angry. Amy says why he would need to be angry? He says that he's rather have it and not want it than want it and not have it. They then began shooting his audition tape for which his does an experiment to find out the mass of an electron using "household objects" but one of the items needed (some type of copper wire) turns out to be a safety hazard. Amy tells him that and to do something else and he gives her his angry expression and says that he did need it after all. Sheldon also dreams about Arthur (the night before I think) and says if he heard the news. That scene has a couple great one liners from Bob Newhart.

At Lenny's apartment, Amy and Sheldon are showing Lenny his audition tape in which he is solving a complicated equation. Amy says that she told him that she "loved it" but if they want to tell him what they think, they can go right ahead. Penny doesn't know what to say but Leonard says that it looks like you were having fun. Sheldon says that that is something Leonard told him to say after seeing one of Penny's bad plays. Amy and Leonard says that maybe he shouldn't so blatantly show his contempt for children in the audition tape. Sheldon says but he does not like kids and they say that he needs to act like he does. Sheldon says that it looks like he needs to coaching of a real actor. Penny is flattered but Sheldon scoffs at her,

Sheldon goes to Wil Wheaton's house and asks him for Patrick Stewart's number but when he says no, Sheldon says Wil will have to do. Next scene; Lenny and Amy are walking up the stairs of their building and Leonard sees on his phone that they already cast Professor Proton. We then hear Sheldon shout "Wheaton". The 3 then go back down the stairs quickly.

Sheldon goes to Wil's house and turn down the role since he isn't even a scientist but Wil says that he is an actor and will try to do the role justice. Shledon says that they started out as enemies but then became friends and he wouldn't want Sheldon to become his enemy again. Wil says he doesn't see much difference and slams the door in his face. Wil says that if doesn't leave he will set his dog on Sheldon. Sheldon says he doesn't have a dog but can't be sure since Wil is such a good actor. He also asks they guys minus Howard in the university cafeteria to help him stop the show by calling the production company and they say no. Last scene of the episode is Sheldon having another dream about Arthur to tell him about Wil and Bob Newhart  has a bunch of more great one liners.


Howard has his vasectomy and is put on bed rest for a few days. Bernie goes to her 16-week check up and is also put on bed rest because she is straining herself. Penny comes at their house to check on them. Halley then starts crying (they hear on the baby monitor). Bernie is about to get up but Penny says that she can do it.  Bernie says that or Stuart can close his shop take a bus and do it instead. Penny says that they don't trust her but they pretend that that is not the case. Next scene of their house and it's all quiet Howard and Bernie says that they can enjoy having this time together before baby #2 comes. They then wonder how it got so quiet and call Penny. She jokes that she put Halley to sleep by dipping her pacifier in bourbon but they can't tell if she is joking or not. Next scene with Penny in the kitchen making a bottle for Halley. Amy comes there and says she's there to check on her friends put Penny realizes that Howardette called her to check on Penny. Penny says that do they all think she's irresponsible? But Amy says no; she is just "fun loving" which Penny says is just a nicer word for irresponsible.  Cut to Howardette's room and they call Penny using Howard's bell app he got earlier. They ask her to get snacks but she complains that why'd the get Amy to check on her and don't trust her .Penny goes to check on Halley again and Howardette then hear on the baby monitor how good Penny is with Halley and feel bad. Halley then says "mama" which is her first word which Howardette hear surprised. Penny then says "take that suckers, she called me mama" over the baby monitor making Bernie angry.



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11.08 The  Tesla Recoil

Reported by: Nusspot

Tape Date: October 24 , 2017; Air Date: November 16, 2017

Story: , 

Teleplay by: 

Directed by:  


Ruchi is back in this episode, too. Looks like she's here to stay. What is this, her third episode already? In my heart I've always secretly hoped Yvette the vet would be the one for Raj. Too bad. (Yes, even though we saw her just for an episode years ago. Go figure.). So long as Raj has something to do in the show these days, I guess.  Col Williams is back also.  


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11.09 The Bitcoin Entanglement  

Reported by: Mirs1

Tape Date: October 31 , 2017; Air Date: TBD

Story: Steve Holland, Andy Gordon and Jeremy Howe

Teleplay by: Dave Goetsch, Maria Ferrari, Antony Del Broccolo

Teleplay by: Mark Cendrowski

Stuart and Zach are in the episode.  Part of the plot: "...the guys thought they had an old bitcoin on their laptop that is now worth lots of money, but the laptop was at Zack's, so they had to go there and get it back.  The reason its at Zach's, is because it’s saved on a folder on Leonard’s old laptop.  He had given that laptop to Penny and she gave to Zack.  The Lenny plot is rather funny, with no drama.   Sheldon says something about how they all learned a lesson today, and Amy asks “What is it?”.  Sheldon whispers “I don’t know.”  


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11.10 The Confidence Erosion  

Reported by: BrilliantFool   Writers and director by nusspot

Tape Date: November 14 , 2017; Air Date: December 7, 2017

Story: Bill Prady, Maria Ferrari and Adam Faberman

Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Eric Kaplan, and Tara Hernandez

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski

Shamy plot :

Shamy are applying a certain math algorithm to making wedding decisions and they're loving it at first. Basically each of them makes half of decisions but the system randomly assigns the exact decisions / tasks to each of them. They're loving it at first, but not so much later. They kinda start going all out in it , with the usual - Sheldon like 'can R2D2 be the ring bearer' and Amy kinda 'ok then the wedding invitations will be in ancient Egyptian calligraphy' etc. (Paraphrasing both but you get the idea) Like they're happy at first and after a bit whatever 'decisions' they make are not anymore out of what they would want but what they think the other would not want.

Then in the middle of the episode Sheldon is asking Leonard's / Howard's advice on   what could be the worst cake Amy would hate so that she trades with him the cake decision for something else , etc. He really doesn't wanna do the dance. 

When he got the dance he said 'we'll have no dance' then Amy said 'ok, then our SECOND dance will be...' so they were going back and forth on it.

Then when they realize wedding planning is stressful for them, they decide to elope 

Once in the city hall they are excited

Then they get called inside for an actual wedding and it hits Sheldon - he stops her and says 'wait... I want to have a real dance with you'. Amy is caught aback and by surprise.

He makes the super sweet speech about dark matter - how the odds of finding him were even less than of scientists discovering dark matter, etc

A bunch of beautiful sciency metaphors there that I don't remember.

I do remember one - 'and you're better than dark matter, you are visible in light' (is that scientifically correct?) 

He's super sweet but he does get carried away a bit with all the metaphors (I didn't feel it that way but Amy did) so she stops him and like ok let's get back to the topic.

They asks each other if this is what they really want and agree to have a real wedding : )


Raj / Howard plot

(Some things out of order / missing for sure )

Raj is applying for a job at the Planetarium at the Griffith Observatory. Howard is making some usual Raj jokes regarding that and some other stuff.

Raj then shares that before America he was pretty confident but in America his confidence went down a lot and wonders what it's about.

Then he gets a call from his dad and his dad basically tells him what he already starts to suspect - that 'this Howard' gets his confidence down a lot and is not a true friend.

So Raj kinda 'breaks up' with Howard.

He then hangs out with Lenny and they support him

He gets curly hair cause he said he straightened his hair all these years 'to be cool like Howard' ; he goes back to the planetarium (he blew the first interview really bad) and gets the job.

Then we see his first Planetarium show and all his friends are there but Howard hides in the background. Leonard almost convinces him to stop hiding and say hi when he sees some hot girl came over to Raj and asked if she can buy him coffee. He almost blew it but Penny helped him out haha


Lenny (sub-) plot

Basically when Raj came to Lenny's to complain Leonard was completely on his side but Penny was like 'come on, Howard's jokes are harmless, that's what friends do'. Penny was wondering why Leonard was on his side and Leonard said 'no offense but you can be kinda mean to me'.

Then Raj was like 'I'm not putting up with this anymore' and penny was looking at Leonard questionably and he said 'I'll take a few more rounds' , she pats him on the arm or something and says 'that's my boy'. 

Then later in the episode there are a couple scenes where Penny gives Leonard a compliment or says something nice and he's completely freaked out/surprised by it. She does say ' you're really handsome' or something : )

Oh I forgot, the girls have girls' night in the beginning of the episode. Bernie is on Skype.


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11.11 The Celebration Reverberation  

Reported by: BrilliantFool   Writers and director by Veejay

Tape Date: November 21 , 2017; Air Date: December 14, 2017

Story: Steve Holland, Eric Kaplan, and Alex Ayers

Teleplay by: Dave Goetsch, Maria Ferrari, and Jeremy Howe

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski


Lenny part is prob very accurate cause they've had less scenes and I was seated like directly across 4A, and they had simpler dialogue.

Halley's plot and Shamy plot definitely miss some things / are more condensed. 

First Lenny scene : 

Penny comes home and brings the mail including Leonard's brother's Christmas card, Leonard's not excited to see it, he wonders sarcastically if it's another card with his brother and all his family and all his dogs and all his horses in matching pijamas, if it is he doesn't wanna see it. Penny says 'awww but it's so cute, the people's pajamas have little horses on them and the horses pajamas have little people'. Then she says 'hey look it's so cool , it says your brother worked in a non profit organization building houses in Rwanda' (something like that, I'm not exactly sure why it would be on a Christmas card but it was there) Leonard repeats that in a mocking tone, implying his brother's bragging. Penny says 'huh, good point, didn't see it that way'

Second scene - Penny sees Leonard near the white board, he explains he's trying to think of all the cool stuff they did this year and come up with a list. She asks if she can help and he says - 'yeah, can you think of something?' They kinda stare into the space for a while and can't think of anything. Then penny suggested writing down having good careers - and Leonard was like 'yeah, but I did get my air force project taken away from me, and you're not crazy about pharmaceutical sales'.

Then Penny says '.... how about... we just write down still employed?' So they wrote that down. 

Then Leonard suggested the fact they had their second anniversary and Penny says thinkingly 'but we did kinda forget about it...' and they were like how about we just write down 'still married'?

It was really funny, Johnny and Kaley were killing it I think, I love their self-sarcastic moments. Idk if shippers will see it that way but for me it was very funny

Third scene - Penny gets out of the bedroom wearing her pajamas , sees Leonard stayed up all night, wonders what he was doing, he says he tried to come up with more stuff for the list. There are a few jokes that are kinda gross haha (nothing important or related to their love life)

Then they figure out ok let's just browse through our phone feeds and see some pics to jog our memory.. (Johnny messed up on the first take, he forgot my prop phone) they see some pics and are like - was that the day we almost went to the beach? No , thats the day we almost went to the mountains... They say that's what's great about California is that it has both mountains and the beach that you can almost go to on the same day

Fourth scene I've already described pretty much. Penny's asking Leonard why it bothers him so much, he says because it feels like everybody's moving forward, like should we think about it too - buying a house, having a child ? Penny says yes I wanna do all those things but there's a bunch of stuff I wanna do first ! Leonard asks like what, she says ' like stay thin and have money'.

Then they kinda come to a middle ground - she says they've never taken a big trip together so far, do you wanna take one? Then they settle on doing a day trip to santa Catalina island. 

Fifth scene is a tiny pretaped one - they're on the road to Santa Catalina, Leonard is asking - what we're gonna do there? - Penny says 'Im gonna be hiking and kayaking, I don't know what YOU're gonna do' Leonard wonders if there's a bench overlooking the ocean and says that will be enough.


Halleys birthday party plot

Somebody  (guys in the cafeteria?) ask Howard if they're gonna celebrate Halley's first birthday, like, it coincides with Amy's and all that. Howard says nahh we're not doing anything - she's one, Bernadette's on bed rest, etc.

Later on in the episode he declares Halleys birthday party is tomorrow because apparently 'only a heartless monster' won't celebrate his child's first birthday (implying bernie's words). Since Raj still won't talk to him he seeks Stuart's help. Basically he needs Stuart to plan all of the party. Stuart first agrees (some funny jokes about Stuart and parties) then bails at the last minute cause a spot for a free colonoscopy in a public clinic suddenly opened up ? , so Howard has to enlist Raj's help. There we see raj's new apartment I think for the first time? 

Raj first disagrees but then agrees saying he's not doing it for Howard but for Halley, he loves her.

Then some other party details probably.

Then at some point (don't remember how or why it happened) Howard gets in the bouncy castle in the backyard while Raj is inside it (Raj brought it for Halley's friends, but no friends showed up cause kids got sick or something).  They're arguing and Raj is really angry - like 'why are you making this so difficult??' Howard is emotional and says 'because you're my best... my best friend... ' and pushed him to the chest angrily so Raj falls, but cause it's a bouncy castle jumps back up . First he's angry at Howard for pushing him but after a couple more pushes they realize it's fun and go like 'do you wanna go together at the same time ?' And have fun with it



Sheldon is planning a birthday weekend for Amy (with Sunday being her actual birthday). (Ofc annual coitus is also planned). The theme of the birthday celebration is little house on the prairie. He decides to cook traditional food for her, etc

There are a couple scenes with him and the guys / him and Lenny about the birthday , not really important 

When Amy comes home I'm assuming Saturday evening she sees candles lit up, she asks if electricity went out. Sheldon says no, it's your birthday surprise . She screams from happiness and runs to hug him. They sit at the table and eat, all the food he's prepared is traditional and doesn't sound very delicious, but it took him 9 hours to prepare so he's kinda proud. 

Amy doesn't like the food

Afterwords they move to the couch, he was gonna read her some traditional 19th century ?lymerics?, but he's only able to read a couple lines before Amy asks - 'do you think it's getting hot in here?' Sheldons like - 'wow, I haven't even gotten to the dirty part yet'. But Amy states she's not feeling well, she feels something weird in her stomach. Sheldon answers that he can feel it too, maybe those are first 'violent cramps of arousal' (something along those lines, it was very funny). Then there was some line I forgot, then Sheldon excuses himself saying he has to freshen up and runs to the bathroom, and Amy hears him puking. She yells asking if he's gonna be out soon and he says 'a minute' and Amy shouts 'I don't have a minute', jumps up and runs to the kitchen sink to puke.

Next was a pretaped scene when they are laying on the bed exhausted & covered in sweat & very tired... They ask each other did you manage to get some sleep, Sheldon says he thinks he passed out on a toilet once. Then he's like 'now time for your annual coitus gift'. Amy asks him, exhausted , how can he even think of sex. I don't remember his answer, something along the lines of 'I'm a man', etc. She then says - 'ok, can you do it silently and without touching me?' 

Then Amy says something like 'I'm tired, I'm exhausted, my head's spinning, I feel like I ran a mile ' (not exactly that, something stronger, basically listing all the ways how she's still feeling awful physically after that night) and Sheldon replies 'so you're feeling better too, right?'

Then we see them at Howardette's for Halley's bday, Leonard or one of the guys asks them if they're feeling better, they say yeah. Then everybody goes inside when Bernie says Halley woke up, Shamy stay in the yard. They see a bouncy castle and they're like ... are you thinking what im thinking? Let's go jump in the bouncy castle and then find a spare room to have coitus in : O

I think it was the tag 

Also somebody asked - In this episode, Raj (and Raj's dad) did mention specific reasons why Howard was bad to Raj I think, I just can't remember them. And to be fair, in episode 10 Howard was making one offensive joke to Raj after another, so there was logic in it. It did feel a little unnatural though cause Howard normally is not THAT mean to Raj I think. 


Some BTS from 11x11 

Kaley's bf was there , right next to her dad

Funny moment : at some point when the host asked some people from abroad to sing a song in their native language this guy came up on stage, he was from one of the countries in Central America, can't remember which one, he sang this famous song in Spanish, 'Suavemente bésame'. The host asked what does it mean and he said 'smooth kisser'. So the host was making a joke saying  'why does it feel like you're saying that to me' and the guy replied 'no, I'm saying it to Kaley'. So the host was like 'hmm, it's her dad up there' (her dad never misses a single episode and always stands in a booth that's directly across the host and whoever comes up on stage from the audience). But it was actually her dad AND her bf, we thought it was hilarious haha 

Jim messed up a few times

Mayim had some guests in the first raw, she came up to talk to them at one point, it was cool to see her closer :)

when Mayim had throwing up scenes after food poisoning she couldn't hold it, she was  laughing so much but I think she was also embarrassed haha

They did something that they said they never did - after they've already showed us last scene of the episode that was pretaped, they had a different idea for the last live scene they've already shot, so to kill time Kunal came up to the audience and took questions from us, it was so cool.  As far as I can remember it was just a tiny difference in Lenny's lines regarding Sheldon.  They were discussing taking a day trip when Sheldon runs in the apt cause he's still sick and Amy's occupying 4B bathroom so he runs in to 4A, the first take was penny saying 'you wanna go in a few days ?' and after they changed it to penny saying 'you wanna go now?' after Sheldon runs in (something like that)

Oh and somebody asked, I think @veejay - no we don't see Lenny's bedroom in either of the episodes 


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11.12 The Matrimonial Metric

Reported by:    Writers and director lam153

Tape Date: December 05, 2017; Air Date: January 04, 2018

Story: Maria Ferrari, Tara Hernandez, and Jeremy Howe

Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Eric Kaplan, and Andy Gordon

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski



Wedding planning for Sheldon and Amy. 



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