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Jaleel White and Dustin Diamond should make cameos in the series finale as Urkel and Screech.

Nevaeh Lleh

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Too bad they have both distanced themselves from their iconic nerd characters.  Jaleel hasn't appeared as Steve Urkel since 19 years ago on the series finale of "Family Matters," and Dustin hasn't appeared as Screech since a little over 17 1/2 years ago on the series finale of "Saved by the Bell: The New Class."  Given the fact that TBBT made nerd culture cool, it's only quite fitting that its fan base gets a taste of nostalgia by doing a crossover episode with the nerds who ruled the 90s.  Dustin is in a financial slump, so this would benefit him well.  Jaleel, however, is living comfortably.  Although, I would love it if he came back, too.  With the declining ratings and stale storylines, TBBT would definitely be bowing out gracefully if Urkel and Screech got some screen time.

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Dustin Diamond is not exactly in anyone's good graces these days. I can do without him bringing his tarnished legacy onto the set of TBBT.

@Tensor, I totally agree. TBBT doesn't need to become a whistle stop for actors on the 'Remember Me?' tour. The ratings may be declining (TBBT is still #1) and the stories may be stale (lazy/complacent writing?), but attempting to entice people into viewing just to see the return of a dusty memory from days gone by reeks of desperation. And, if they aren't appearing as their respective characters it wouldn't work. Would anyone really tune in to see Jaleel White play Jaleel White? I know I wouldn't.

I'd prefer the finale to be an episode that pays homage to twelve seasons of TBBT and one that wraps up the stories of the characters/couples in a satisfying, enjoyable way. 

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