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1108 - The Tesla Recoil (November 16)


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2 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

Sheldon can't name any neuroscientists, other than Amy Farrah Fowler?

What about Babinski, or Santiago Ramon y Cajal?


Back in the day, Sheldon’s dialogue referenced Joseph Babinski ! This does feel lazy. They forgot (or simply didn’t care more likely).  A pity since they used to have well crafted  dialogues . The  dumbing down,  lack of attention to detail , continuity or whatever you want to call it- has been there even long before season 11 though….

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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 4:05 PM, 3ku11 said:

The show has been off for a few seasons now. Not sure why people expected a dramatic change under a new Showrunner. Like the quality of the storylines under Holland has vastly improoved under Steve Holland. But hearing comments like "Not liking the show under Holland". I ask the question whats changed really under Holland compared to Moloro? Nothing that I can tell. 

As tensor screen time proves Lenny are not fighting as much but are getting less screen time. Almost 3 times less Shamy.

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Well that was pretty enjoyable - plenty of conflict and backstabbing. Nice one Bawwy. I like Kripke - he's an in-your-face villain who never pretends to be anyone's friend. There was a pleasing complementarity between the 2 plots - Bernadette and Ruchi think they're ruthless careerists at the Pharma company but they're pussycats compared with what goes on at Caltech.

When Raj and Ruchi are in bed and she denies they're in a relationship was very reminiscent of an early-season scene with Howard and Leslie Winkle in bed, where Leslie says she must use sex to control H "otherwise we'd be like a real relationship with feelings and stuff". It will be a great pity if Ruchi's out now she's dumped Raj - Ruchi and Bernadette was potentially much more interesting than Ruchi and Raj.

But the glaring deficiency continues - Penny has been reduced to a calm and wise onlooker. She had some good lines this ep, and KC does brilliantly with what she's given, but there has been no Penny story at all since P & L's second wedding ceremony.  Way back when, she said she hated her job - that's just been dropped. Penny also works for the Pharma company - old Penny would have impulsively involved herself in the Bernadette - Ruchi feud, with upsetting consequences for her own career that Leonard could have helped her thru.

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