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111 'Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers' (January 11)


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Household, Overnight ratings and Demo Breakouts for 12 January, 2018

For this episode, Young Sheldon pulled in a 8.6  household rating.    In share, it had a 12.  The full Ratings post, for households,  can be found here.  

This episode brought in a  2.5 demo (18-49), with 14.02 million viewers.    In the 18-34 demo, it had a 1.4. In the 25-54 demo, it had a 3.8.

The full ratings post, which includes comparisons with the rest of the shows last night,  can be found here.


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Final Ratings for  12 January, 2018, for broadcasts on 11 January 2018.

This episode brought in a 2.6  demo (18-49), with 14.17 million viewers.  This was up a tenth in demo, and up 150,000 viewers from the overnights.   It was even in demo, but down 530,000  viewers from last week.  

It's standing compared to other shows last night can be found here.

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I thought it was nice but not much more than that. The part I most enjoyed was Sheldon wanting to convert everybody and having the mathology school. I also like Billy Sparks. The invisibility spell thing was one of the most Sheldony moments of this Sheldon who is otherwise just this genius kid who resembles Sheldon in some ways.

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I deleted my earlier post because it had a sentence that did not make much sense as it was not complete, my mistake. So my opinion on last episode is...

 I thought it was a nice episode. The study of the different religions that ended in a new religion created by Sheldon was really something very Sheldon -esque. Imo the dialogue between one of Meemaw's boyfriends(one of , lol) and Sheldon  was funny and the flirting from Billie's dad to Mary was funny as well. The dream was imo well spotted as it worked like a connectuon  between adult Sheldon and young Sheldon's dreams as it had the same bizarre and funny tone we have watched in tbbt.

Btw, glad the show will have a second season as there are a few things from Sheldon as a child I am looking foward to watching them.

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Re. Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers

I give this episode 10 out of 10 because the writing takes the show to a whole new level. Sheldon's exploration of religion makes for very funny gag lines - gentle but still sharp little jabs at faith in general, and some hilarious pointed digs at Texas! But the tone is never offensive, due to Sheldon's charm and innocence, and young actor Iain Armitage's great delivery.
The scene with Meemaw's Jewish friend has some especially funny lines:  Sheldon:  ". . . So there was an opening."
Great shtick!   And a clever bit when Sheldon announces he's just finished reading the entire Bible:  "Ask me which birds are kosher?"
Very funny stuff in this one. Superior to previous episodes, imo, although I've enjoyed them all.

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  • 5 months later...

I think I like this episode of YS Season 1 for all the reasons you guys have already have mentioned. 

The dream sequence however stands out to me as something very special and it touched me deeply because it helps me to understand that both God and science can coexist in peace together.

I am not a very religious person but was brought up being Christian; yet what I really believe in is the evolution. So when I left school I “broke” with the church because I thought evolution is the answer to my questions and I thought that only one answer can be true. Today I am much more relaxed about it and it is not that I ask myself these questions on a daily basis. But in some situations they do come up.

I’ve written down the binary conversation of Sheldon’s dream in case someone wants to enjoy it again. I think this kind of writing deserves an award. Well done, thanks! 😊

Welcome, Sheldon. We’ve been waiting for you.

Are you the Ten Commandments?

No. We are one.

And zero.

We are the binary code that underlies the universe.

The ten thing is a common mistake.

I want to understand God. Can you help me?

Did you not hear what we just said? 

God is yes and no.

Left and right.

On and off.

Something and nothing.

Positive and negative.

Male and female.

Light and dark.

But why is there evil and suffering?

Well, without evil and suffering there is no good and happiness.

Oh, sure, binary.


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