Will The Big Bang Theory become a Classic?

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Serious question. It probably to early to tell but where do you think The Big Bang Theory will place in term of TV History?  Will it be timeless Classic 40-60 years from now like I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke Show and All In The Family or is it a show that popular at the moment and eventually be forgotten? How will people judge this how decades from now. 

Personally, I don't  see it reaching a Classic TV (with endearment)  level but I think it will remain popular in Reruns for sometime after it ends It will be memorable but not forgotten.  A TV show that on this long doesn't become forgotten. It kind of like cotton candy. Good for right now but years from now probably won't hold up well. 

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I think the first three seasons well always hold up very well. I Can see certain episodes being seen as classics. The Bath Item Gift Hypotheis, Adhesive Duck Deficinecy e.t.c. The show it self. Well definately be remembered. IT has been on so long. Not sure be seen as a classic. Like Those shows you mentioned. And for me Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers e.t.c. 

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Interesting question and I think the answer depends upon whom you ask. Who determines what is, or is not, classic television? Various networks (TV Land) may conduct viewer polls. Some other media platform (TV Guide) may poll viewers or critics. All of these could well produce varying lists and it's really hard to say one is right and the other is wrong.

I do not believe that any poll of critics will ever rank TBBT in their list of classic programs. The show has never been a favorite of the critics (or other industry deep thinkers). Looking at the commentary you typically see from critics, or media reviewers, it is usually very obvious they have limited actual knowledge concerning the show. Many times they seem to have the viewpoint that TBBT is mindless drivel pretending to have an intellectual slant with 'Bazinga!' interjected at regular intervals. I mean, seriously, does anyone even remember the last time Sheldon actually said 'Bazinga!'? I don't.

Viewers might have a different perspective. I believe that for what it is, a non-agenda driven, ensemble, situation comedy, that it is definitely classic television. I don't see any issues with the show becoming 'dated' as time passes any more than other shows from a certain point in history. It has always had detractors that say it isn't funny, it's misogynistic, it's derivative, etc. I will leave those arguments for those that care to debate them. Most young TBBT viewers (and there are millions of them) will probably see the show as classic TV in the same way the people of my generation remember Dick Van Dyke, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, All In The Family, M*A*S*H, Happy Days, and many others. Gen Xers and Millennials will not have the same appreciation for those programs and, in fact, may have never seen an episode of most of them.   

Just to demonstrate how tricky this is: Throughout its run and for years in syndication, "The Cosby Show", was certainly considered 'classic' television. Then, the accusations come out concerning Bill Cosby's treatment of women and now there's not a network that will touch the show with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

In the attached list TBBT ranks #5...

In this Rotten Tomatoes poll TBBT ranks #3:

An IMDB listing of the Greatest TV Comedies of All Time ranks TBBT #43.

A lot of factors involved with answering your question. Time and tastes will be the final arbiter.

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