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Question for Canadian Members: Is it true that Canadian TV Shows are overall pretty awful?

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I have read and heard through the years that Candain (old and new)  TV Shows are overall and in general pretty awful in quality compared to their British and American counterparts. Is that true? I have heard people who live in and outside Canda say that TV Shows made there are pretty bad and that the reason why Canadians n watch more and prefer American and British Made TV Shows then Candain Made TV Shows and why so many TV Shows from The U.S. and U.K. air there. 

I have heard Americans and British people say that Canadians don't know how to make a decent quality TV Show. 

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I liked Are You Afraid of the Dark?

That was big here in the UK.

And this other one, where kids would send in stories and each week would be a different episode written by a different kid....

Forget what that show was called.

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