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115 'Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman' (March 8)

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Is this where we are seeing the beginning of Sheldon's need to prove himself ?

Until now he's understood that he has a frontal cortex 'this big' :) and that he has difficulties 'adjusting to Earth' but that he's also something special in that he's been allowed to overtake his contemporaries. He's had a hard time even accepting the authority of the teachers and now there's this seventeen-year-old who's also intelligent and from whom he can learn, but who sees herself not as having a fellow scholar at her side, but as having taken a little boy under her wing. She's more on his mother's level than his. It's a shock.

 From now on he's going to have to struggle against the other side of his wunderkind coin : what he'll view as the patronising attitude of his intellectual peers because of his youth. So, in order to gain acceptability he'll have to show he's better than them. This, I suspect, will become a habit so ingrained through what remains of his childhood and throughout his adolescence, that twenty years later he'll still get overly distressed if anybody shows a glimmer of being better at something than is he. Even among people his own age and younger he's got to be on top for fear he'll be looked down on. Mix that with whatever disorders he has, plus the genes of a stubborn,egotistical grandfather, and you get jerk Sheldon, 'a little broken' that only three special women can deal with.

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