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U.S. 50 most successful sitcoms: Where does TBBT rank?

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So I spent the last few days figuring out what America's most successful sitcoms of all time are.  I started with shows that were in Top 20 the most time, Top 10 most time and a Top 5 Sitcom for the most time. then shows were Number 1 the most, Number 2 the most, etc. Then I listed shows that were in Top 10  (But not in Top 5) by the number of times they appeared, Then shows that appeared in the Top 20 the most but were never in the Top 10. I Also did Show in the Top 10 the most that were aTop 5 Sitcom at least once. 

This is not a list of The Greatest Sitcoms of All Time or The Best Ever Made. That is a different list and everyone has a different idea of what The Greatest Sitcom of all time is 


The 50 Most Succesful sitcoms of all time: 

All In The Family 
I Love Lucy 
The Cosby Show
The Big Bang Theory 
Laverne & Shirley 
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 
The Beverly Hillbillies 
Sanford and Son 
Three's Company 
The Andy Griffith Show  
The Lucy Show 
A Different World
Home Improvement 
The Golden Girls 
Family Ties 
Family Affair 
The Danny Thomas Show 
The Jeffersons 
Murphy Brown 
 Here's Lucy
Happy Days 
Everybody Loves Raymond
Who's The Boss? 
One Day At A Time 
 Coach 6
The Dick Van Dyke Show 
The Mary Tyler Moore Show 
Empty Nest 
Mayberry R.F.D. 
Growing Pains 
Night Court 
Full House 
The Real McCoys 
Green Acres
My Three Sons 7 Seasons 
Will & Grace 
Kate & Allie 
Grace Under Fire 
Two And a Half Men 
Tied-Archie Bunker's Place 
Tied-The Bob Newhart Show

By the way, The Most Successful Dramas of all time are: 








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