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A-Z vital supplies list for survival and habitation (things you don't have until you list them).

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So if we can, a boy cow and a herd of girl cows (to make more cows)...

Beef/cheese & milk & leather from the hide and gelotine.


My ice maker means if we get bottles or whatever, we could keep the milk cold, preserve the meat, we have guns & ammo from the first G (I made sure of that) so slaughtering shouldn't be a problem. We'd need a butter churner for making butter, IDK how you make cheese, but I know it comes from a cow... We also have knives, I swear, so we can even skin it and use the skin (and cut up the meat).



- At first I was thinking of calcium, since it's a C, and I was going to put cheese/milk/butter; but then thought, why not have the cow?

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 A Didgeridoo to scare wild animals away from your tribe and can be used to lure off Zombies and such away from your camp.

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