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1124 'The Bow Tie Asymmetry' (May 10)


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2 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

Mine is December 18th. I think that has something to do with Amy...is it her birthday, or the day of the Star Wars thing? I can't remember.

I don't know anymore, the way they are changing everything these days. 😁

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4 minutes ago, RoRo said:

It should have been an hour episode. I loved it, thought it was really sweet,  but No Stephen Hawking scene?? 

I thought the same thing, Mom is an hour, why wasn’t TBBT instead of rushing through the wedding so fast.

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1 hour ago, RoRo said:

I read somewhere there will be additional scenes posted at cbs.com but cant for the life of me remember where I read it

Or perhaps they'll remember the millions in the rest of the world who can't access cbs.com  episodes and use the watch scene in the first episode of season 12.

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On 5/3/2018 at 1:29 PM, Stephen Hawking said:

This episode is being broadcast just two weeks short of 8 years, since Sheldon met Amy in Lunar Excitation.

It's a pity they couldn't have had it exactly 8 years later, to the day.

I understand what you are saying 😀

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1 minute ago, Sah said:

I understand what you are saying 😀

Did Lenny have theirs 8 years to the day ? It was after 8 seasons of TBBT but we didn't know what time of year it was when they met Penny. She was dressed in hot weather clothes but since they have temperatures in the 70sF  whre they live it was hard to tell what month it might have been.

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6 minutes ago, I Miss Dan said:

I watched "Young Sheldon" right after the wedding, and at the end when adult Sheldon comments, he said he made relationship contracts with and for all his friends, family, roommates, then his wife AND EVEN WTH HIS CHILDREN.


I loved that ! Now we know they're going to have more than one child. It's the first time YS has given us TBBT canon instead of the other way round.

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