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3 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

Always interested to read your insights.  I just went on a rant because the Penny/Leonard relationship was stifled in many ways, especially after season nine. I always felt they could have done more meaningful episodes in the dramatic sense to utilize their talents. And now Kaley's talent is showing what could have been.

agreed. they both were untapped resource in the later seasons , a real shame 

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17 hours ago, Tensor said:

Any competent actor (note, competent, not necessarily great) can do that.  After a certain amount of time, as a character, it becomes part of you.  All of them, played their parts for 12 years (9 for the last two) and it's like flipping a switch.   I was in a play that lasted four months, with two months of rehearsals.  By midway through the run, your reactions are almost automatic.   The struggle is not playing the character, but to bring the same amount of energy every night.   In the case of TV, you also have the director, the showrunner, and the executive producer telling you how your character should act, which limits what you are able to do. 

And, while the various situations change weekly, for the TV show, the character doesn't very much, if at all week to week.   I think that's why she loved the "I love you" scene so much.  It let her examine Penny's vulnerable side.  There were very few times Penny was caught out in those, and most of them the conversation was cut off (think the first girls night, or Leonard's "what about me" on New Years Eve.), or played for a laugh (her breakdown at Leonard dating Priya).    The only similar situations, I feel,  where Kaley was allowed to explore those emotions, were the breakup at the bowling alley, where she's crying and apologizing to him, and the drunken proposal scene, where she breaks down about how her life is going, and  in a moment of clarity, although not at the right time, she finally understands Leonard's importance in her life.  

Perfectly explained as always @Tensor:good2:

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oh boy i'm half way through season 11 ,  what a nice change for Lenny compared with seasons 8-10. Im exaggerating a bit but it almost feels like they've rediscovered their bond !! There are things that still rub me the wrong way but overall I'm a happy lenny lover so far , they're very much in sync, there's nice banter between them, I missed that. I've watched the Bitcoin episode twice in two days 😍😍 wonderful!

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