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Just had two more T-Shirts made.

Stephen Hawking

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I wish I'd have documented some of my creations better.


I used to do this, was thinking about updating my wardrobe and doing this again recently too.


I used to pull stuff from google and make them into a tshirt.

The ones I remember now in 2020

I had this


put on to a white t shirt.


I had this


put on to a dark blue tshirt


I once wrote out an entire Axl Rose thing I liked from this show Guns N' Roses played in the 90's.


Every word from

'I'd like to dedicate this next song...'


right up to the first lyric of the actual song, including the

'One, Two, Three....


When you were young and your heart..'



 So this thsirt was just one big rant that just trails off into Live And Let Die, literally.

That was one of my most favourite tshirts I had made, it was autumn/fall and, I had that with a black font on a white background put onto a white long sleeved tshirt; I had this thing where I wanted to take these rants and put them on tshirts, because, written down, they're deep, and funny. A lot of reading though, but, that was cool. But I discovered soon after I had one typo, which was one typo too many, so I threw it out, otherwise, perfect tshirt.


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