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[Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12


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9 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

I loved Leonard Nite on TBBT. The Satisfizer! Leonard took Penny's advice and things worked out well.  Thank God he doesn't have to move out and live in The World! He and Penny were great together! So nice to see her supportive and loving toward her husband. Great to see them hurrying off to the bedroom together. Cute and funny and predictable that Leonard went to Penny's cycling class with her! :kissing:I enjoyed them together so much tonight.❤️

Not enough likes exist for this post @Strawberry PopTart Fan !!! They were amazing together!!

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I’m going to miss Leonard and Penny. I know they are fictional. But I feel what’s special about them is Johnny and Kaleys relationship. Theirs always been a bit of life intimidating art about them. A sense of realism. They really got through me a tough time in 2008 lol. I had a tough year studying came home. Ton of stuff. I remember watching the pilot episode of TBBT when it aired for the first time ever. I was like Bridgette!!! 😂. It was such an original, breath of fresh air show.

I didn’t catch it again till the third Season. The Pants Alternative. Leonard and Penny were in the kitchen. Penny wearing her snuggys. I felt this show is breaking down long running societal norms. It literally shaped the way I saw the world from 18 onwards. Sorry thought I’ll iust share that lol. 

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4 hours ago, Tatyshka said:

It was good episode. perhaps I will add it to my collection 12 seasons. 

It sounds good, but seeing as I missed it due to last night's storm, I'll have to take ya'lls word for it!:sungum:

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22 hours ago, luminous said:

The Lenny Storybook

Chapter 275:  The Decision Reverberation

(Season 12, Episode 20 - original air date: April 25, 2019)



Thank you for the lovely gifs! 

I loved Lenny in the episode, aside from the punch lines and some inconsistencies, their love and chemistry always rules. 

I like how Penny said I can't move right now because I just got a six month membership to soul cycle lol. I particularly liked it because more and more, every decision they take, has this tone of: us. Leonard's change of career is a change for both and Penny is there in the same page with Leonard. There are consequences as a marriage. She immediately knows a change means they are moving and she will be there with him. 

Penny was also very supportive and even though there were minor things because there is comedy in every scene, they were both adorable as only Lenny can be. Also Lenny rushing to the bedroom? I am sorry but Penny could have said not right now but she was right there with him as well on the eagerness. She put aside the laptop and rushed first. Love those two. 

I do not know if I am ready to say goodbye yet, I know many of us are not. 

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