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[Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread


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16 hours ago, Sah said:

Same could be said Lenny. If they had kids. Amy and Sheldon will be great parents. No matter how smart or gifted. Sheldon loves Amy, and has shown great growth. They will be fine. Esoecially with Mary and MeeMa and Amy. And even Howard. 

I have worked in social welfare departments and on maternity-and-child clinics. I have also been a teacher. I have researched into maternal deprivation and dysfunctional families both academically and practically. I have encountered parents of all kinds, from the unbelievably stupid through the down right cruel to the marvellous. I have had my breath taken away. Into what category I would place the parents who stinted themselves to buy their children a set of encyclopaedias which they kept in a high quality oak bookcase with locked doors and then wondered why they were never read, I don't know.  Believe me, anybody who thinks Shamy would be crappy parents has no idea. 

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4 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

ome of the Peanuts characters actually do. Charlie and Sally Brown, Lucy and Linus Van Pelt, Franklin Armstrong and Violet Gray come immediately to mind. (The teachers were Miss Othmar and Miss Halverson even though you never saw them.)  Franklin had a whole carefully worked out back story, with a dad away in the service, when he was brought in, because people had written to Charles Schultz asking for an African American character to be added to the comic strip and he wanted it to be there for him to take ideas from before Franklin was introduced. In that spirit of diversity he also made Marcie Jewish.

Okay I was wrong on that one. I have made a correction now. Thank you.

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10 hours ago, Sah said:

Ok, thank you 👌, you are are wonderful for explaining this to me. It is appreciated. I get that that not everyone thinks that Sheldon and Amy would be good parents. Not perfect. But who is? 

I guess you want my reasoning or data on why I think they would be good parents? 

They are in a loving, stable, relationship. They have good communication with one another. Meaning they both know they are on the same page about wanting kids and how they will be raised. Sheldon says 15 kids, but Amy will make him realize that 3 kids will fit his devisable by three desire. 

Sheldon will be king of diaper changes, bathing and feeding, playtime and assisting with homework. Babies need a schedule. Who better than Sheldon for a timely schedule. Money is not an issue, so the baby will be well fed, nice home and plenty of toys. 

Sheldon is not as good at emotional stuff but has come a long way. He is very loving and considerate towards Amy although he doesn't always know what to do in certain situations. Amy has really helped guide Sheldon in this area and I am sure she will continue to do so. She will guide Sheldon through what he doesn't do as well. If Amy has been patient enough and loving enough to help Sheldon as she has, I see no reason why she wouldn't show the same love and patience to a child. 

Say what you will about Amy. But you can't deny her kindness and empathy. 

Some say if the child is not a genius he won't be interested. I disagree. Sheldon will always think his children are better than others because he made them. He is in love with everything he creates or does. He sees no flaws in his work , or anything he touches. I don't see that changing over a child. For better or worse it is his progeny. I remember how thrilled he was to see his and Amy's expirament in the lab and how he enjoyed talking about it. 

They have a wonderful group of friends who will no doubt be great honorary aunts and uncles who will be part of their life. Just as they are for Howard's kids. They will have a loving Mary and MeMaw. They have aunts and uncles who will influence them. 

In the end they will make mistakes but be overall great parents.







Since all the characters are fictional, I would guess that it is up to the writers/TPTB to decide if they are good or bad parents.

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43 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

Since all the characters are fictional, I would guess that it is up to the writers/TPTB to decide if they are good or bad parents.

Lorre once said Sheldon would be a good dad so case closed then.

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13 minutes ago, hokie3457 said:

OMG!  It all makes sense now!  Dumbledore is The Night King!!!!  (if I was clever enough, I would have a gif of the NK making this same gesture from GoT.  Hint, hint!!!!)

I'm not familiar with GoT. 😯


Sorry. 😏

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25 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

How much longer til Sunday? I loved the 1st 2 episodes! Let the battle begin!:fans:And may the Gods spare John Snow! Again!

I must confess....I am a sloooowwww watcher of GoT.  Saw the first episode when it first aired and could not stand the fact of what J. Lanniseter did at the end of that episode.  I started watching again about 2 years ago after reading the books and have the second half of Episode 7.6 and all of Episode 7.7 before I can watch the first 2 of Season 8.  I hit pause for a very, very long time when I know something bad is coming.  Especially The Rains of Castamere (The Red Wedding) and The Door (Hodor!!!!).  I'll get there before 8.3!!!!!  Winter is here!

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