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[Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread


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8 hours ago, BigBang15 said:

Chuck Lorre let it be known (previous to this year) that if any of the Main 3 left, he would end the show. So Jim knew it. Everyone says how he's distancing himself from TBBT, but in fact, he's the only one that will still be connected via YOUNG SHELDON. THAT, I see as selfish. He still has a revenue flow that came from TBBT while the rest will have to go (and get) new jobs. He could have talked to the others (at least Kaley & Johnny) before doing what he did. There is no report that says he did talk to them. 

I find this post very upsetting. Mostly because Jim is my hero for realizing it was time to end the show. Its best days were past. It hasn't been that great since the end of season seven. People complained every week about eight and lots of eps after that. Even after promising to go out with a bang the writers have mucked this season up royally. Jim is not an indentured servant. If he didn't want to do it, he had every right to say he was leaving. If Lorre didn't want to do the show without him that's on Lorre.  But I still think if he didn't do it I also think Johnny very well might have. Shows end all the time and people move on. I think considering the ratings any one of the cast and crew could get hired for something else. And if the cast managed their money wisely none of them even have to work again unless they want to. It would have been sweet if he had given the others more of a head's up but none of them are in charge of his career or his personal life. He is. He can do what he wants and he should.

As for YS it's clear from this board alone that not all TBBT fans even watch it. I don't and I like Jim and Sheldon. Many do not even consider the two connected. And it doesn't take up much of Jim's time and we have no idea how long it will go on for anyway.

2 hours ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

The post after this (Happy  Birthday Post to Johnny and Kunal),  I had forgotten her first TV Kiss was Johnny.  

That was a cute ep and I'm not a big fan of Blossom.

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I am enjjoying  all these Social Media Posts, look-backs, pictures and memories  being posted  today. Thank everyone.  I regret never getting the change to see a TV Taping. I have always wanted to see Taping of a TV Show (not counting Morning Shows,Late Night or Daytime Talk Shows), After Big Bang theory y there no show currently on the air that I am interested in seeing a Taping of in person. 

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1 hour ago, vonmar said:

In the audience staging area....



absolutely love that they did that for everyone waiting in the parking garage! They're the absolute best and a class act! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  I can't believe it's the final taping! The reality is really hitting me tonight. I'm already losing it... I'm going to be a sobbing mess on May 16th! 😭😭😭😭 Where did the time go? 

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Feeling bittersweet about the end of this show. Admitally it has not been the same show, and their was a drop off point around the sixth season. And I know we've had all our shipping wars over the years lol. But all these characters even Sheldon, have contributed to the success of this show. The show was a well oiled machine, take one character away it does not work. Sheldon does not work without Leonard or Penny, and vice versa. This forum, and really the community has been a big part of my life since 2013. I am hoping this site can continue. Shows end, but the characters can keep a show alive. Through its audience. 

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Just a reminder of the post from Tripper earlier today:

As last week's audience were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements and tonight's audience likely will be too, we ask that you don't share any spoilers from the episode on the forum.

Whether you have firsthand information or you find it elsewhere on the Internet, please don't post or link to it here.

I'll add, to point out that pictures or clips that show specially built parts of the sets or shows actors appearing different can be considered spoilers, and will be hidden.   Parts of the set such as 4A, 4B, Howardette's house, Raj's apartment, known offices or the comic book store, unless the appearance has changed, are allowed.

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From Entertainment Weekly

The Big Bang Theory tapes its 279th and final episode

The Big Bang Theory taped its 279th and final episode of the show’s 12-season run Tuesday — an exuberant half-hour that is sure to tickle fans who are no doubt expecting a happy ending for the tenants of apartments 4A and 4B.

As fans know, the May 16 finale will be two-parter — the first segment of which was screened for the studio audience Tuesday before the final 22 minutes were performed live on soundstage 25 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif. Some parts of the finale will feel just like another week in the wacky world of Big Bang: Yes, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) wears a superhero T over a long-sleeved shirt, a few old friends stop by, and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) has plenty of fun poking at his longtime roommate. But in between solid jokes about sex, apartment decor, and food, there are some real and very welcome surprises. And there’s at least one revelation that no one will see coming.

In between takes, Kaley Cuoco (Penny) lingered on stage and clapped with the audience while Galecki played some air guitar and wore a big grin. Maybe he was just trying to shake off the weepies: In one of his early scenes with Cuoco, it looked like he was truly on the verge of tears.

He finally shed them moments later. Before shooting the final scene of the episode, Galecki addressed the crowd by saying, “This is a dream come true for all of us.

“You’ve been the best fans for 12 years,” he continued, clearly emotional. “You are a part of a family, and we love you very much.” He then called on Cuoco to join him, and she shared something series creator Chuck Lorre told the cast at their final table read: “The Big Bang Theory will live on in our hearts forever. It’s so sweet and simple, and it’s so true.”

After the series finale of TBBT, CBS will present Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell. The half-hour special will feature Galecki and Cuoco as they take viewers behind the scenes of the long-running comedy. The duo will share backstage secrets, personal memories, and highlights from the sitcom’s record-breaking 279 episodes.

The series finale will air from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET on May 16.

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1 hour ago, Tensor said:

Just a note the final bows contain a spoiler, so please don't post them here.  

But speculations can be posted, right ? How about one of the actors who come out to bow is an elevator repair man ? 

Edited by joyceraye
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