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[Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread


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9 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

Oh yeah they meant every word. It's just that to me they were not wedding vows. When Sheldon said " I promise to love you etc", that, to me is a vow. I'm just nitpicking¬†ūüėČ

Not a nit pick at all  ! A vow is a stated serious promise of intent to do ( or never do ) something. There can be penalties for breaking a vow. The promise to love is a recognised  one in a marriage  ceremony.  A lot of Lenny's first wedding in the chapel was drowned out. Nothing they said during the part we heard was a vow. If they made any afterwards we weren't party to them.

2 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

It’s already 2022 in NZ. So happy New Years.51DA10C8-6182-4F6D-AE2D-4306CB1E3D91.gif.eb50f77910ae38dfd2baf15f49f9e32a.gif

Happy New Year !


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10 hours ago, chucky said:

In my humble opinion, the writers fell in love with the Shamy, so Lenny suffered. Bernadette was snarky towards Howard, but not to the extent of Penny toward Leonard.

The writers were onto a good thing: lots of viewers also fell in love with the Shamy. I did so myself, after accepting that the fun of having them 'just friends' in a relationship of the mind was over. That was no reason to short-change the others. Where the humour was supposed to be in couples we'd loved for years speaking and behaving disrepectfully towards each other, goodness knows. The whole business of Penny's saying she didn't want children followed by the Zack sperm rubbish                contained only one funny line 'or Penny if it's a girl' and was totally unnecessary.

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