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202 'A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron' (September 27)


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I watched it because of Mckenna Grace. She was grear as she always is. Liked her quirky acting. Didn't like Sturgis favoring Sheldon, very unfair. I found it interesting that they kind of made the point that Sheldon's differences are not just due to him being a genius...

The episide was good, but I don't think I will be watching the show consistently this year. I gave it a chance last year, it is nice but it doesn't make me want to watch more. Just a nice pass time. It didn't help that I watched it the same day I watched the brilliant "The Good Place", there are just better things out there.

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Referrring to the objection posed by Paige to Sheldon's new chess piece:

If the wizard can switch places with any piece (that being its move),   let us consider the situation where the king is under threat and the player uses the wizard's move to switch places with the king, putting the wizard in a position where it could be captured. This, to me kills the possibility of having of having a resultless game, as objected by Paige.

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