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1206 'The Imitation Perturbation' (October 25)


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25 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

I could have lived without Penny in the Octoberfest costume. I am expecting lots of stupid drinking jokes. I was hoping for something better for all of them for the last Halloween ep. Bernie and Howard are the saving grace for me.

I could lived without whatever Amy was wearing. Not exactly a slimming outfit

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22 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

Not the couple choice I would have wanted, but it's as costume and she's being a specific person. I don't care how she looks. I'm just disappointed with the choice of costume.

Totally disappointed in the costume choice. Thought she'd show up as "Mary Ingals" from "Little House on the Prairie".

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1 minute ago, Stephen Hawking said:

It was a joke, referencing The Planetarium Collision.

I thought Howard went as Sheldon Cooper?

He was dressed as Sheldon at the university. Don't know why he changed, but there's a photo somewhere on the forum of he and Bernadette as Mary Poppins and the Chimney sweeper.

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I like all the costumes. Penny drinks so what lol. She’s not going to suddenly get intoxicated. Because she’s dressed in A Octoberfest type costume. It’s all for fun. I personally think the costumes are fine. I would of gone for Han Solo and Princess Leia for Lenny. But Leonard looks really funny as Inspector Gadget. 

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