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1220 'The Decision Reverberation' (April 25)

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On 4/27/2019 at 2:04 PM, Tensor said:

That's fine. I just find it highly hypocritical that the writers and producers, for eleven years have bragged about how accurate the science is.    You can believe he is an amazing physicist, but it comes down to he's an amazing physicist, only because the writers say he is.  The actual physics they have him work on this year isn't even valid, making him a rather poor physicist.   

Up to this year (well last year's finale,  if you want to get technical), all of the science they mentioned may have a had a minor thing or two that wasn't quite right, but was close enough that it  really didn't destroy the illusion.   But this year, the physics has enough large holes that you can drive several trucks through, and that, for me, destroys the illusion and takes me out of the imaginary world the show inhabits.  

I can enjoy things like The Lord of the Rings or the different volumes of The Song of Ice and Fire, as there is no pretense of of being scientifically accurate. (I'm also one of those who complained about a book, that had one astronaut hearing the crunching of the soil beneath the other astronauts boots, on the moon).  But, if they would have included tanks and aircraft for the invasion of Mordor, it would be a similar problem to what TBBT has done with the science this year.  Which has made it just as fictional as Middle Earth, or  Westeros for me.

Thanks, much better stated than I could have done!

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