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why does penny look so different in the first half of season 1


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But seriously: if a woman has a glow about her, it is either because she is pregnant, or because she has found a man who can really satisfy her in the bedroom department.

if we eliminate pregnancy, we are left with the fact that penny has finally succumbed to Howards charm, at least off screen!

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Here's a cute poem for our Penny:

Sheldon likes to take physics tests

But Leonard just stares at Penny's feet

Raj loves to gaze at nightly stars

But Leonard loves it up Pennys apartment

Sheldon dedects gravitys ripples

But Leonard just wants to lick Penny's toes

Howard's clothes are a bit of a stunt

But Leonard just dreams of Penny's love

What? I assure you, Tripper, I made doubly sure not to use any racy vocabulary!!!:icon_wink:

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i noticed watching a repeat last night of season 1, she has certainly...ah hem, blossomed!



to This:


It looks like, to me, she got painted at one of those expensive tanning salons in B. Hills. That or a different camera lense to make her glow !

I really don't think she has blossomed. Her shirt on the bottom is just more revealing.

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I have seen some pictures of Kaley on t'Internet as we say in my part of the UK and it looked as if she has had some Botox done. I am not sure if people on these boards are mainly American - I have noticed some Red Dwarf references so assuming a few Brits but perhaps Botox is much more accepted over in the US. Over here, it is still a topic of conversation if a well known celeb gets Botox.

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WEll, I looked the first episode of Season one and the last of season two with a very critical eye.

and i can say that personally I did not find pennys lips being a different shape. She had changed lipstick style completely, though, and that did make her lips look a bit fuller. But in reality, I think there is no physical change.

As for other parts you might be alluding to, Pennys frontal area seems to fluctuate from episode to episode. Thus, it must be her choise of feminine undergarments that cause those differences, and not surgery.

but that's just my opinion.

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I think she has just gotten older, is all, and being around different people. It's kind of hard to explain, but you might know what I mean; she's hanging out with these guys who are so much smarter, and in one sense or another, more mature, it might have rubbed off on her throughout the seasons.

Also, she has changed her hairstyle from straight, down hair to more complicated hairstyles with curls and all. Notice that she has bangs [that cover-hair on the forehead, gutter-minds,] in the first season, which is generally seen as a childish look, as opposed to the way she has pulled that hair aside in the 3rd season.


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