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Anyone else disappointed in the ending?


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17 hours ago, bfm said:

You were saying you didn't believe what the writers said, that they planned ahead to have Penny pregnant in the finale. Your claim was that they weren't creative and you gave Melissa's pregnancy as an example. I said, IMO, they didn't have to be creative to think of the Penny pregnancy.

Sorry, but if you reread my post, you'll see that I never said anything about Penny's pregnancy, just Bernadette's second. The creative part was covering her pregnancy by having her skype with the gang when she was on maybe a work trip. I was happy about Penny's pregnancy. I just wish they showed her telling Leonard she was pregnant in 12X22.

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On 6/19/2019 at 1:46 PM, bfm said:

What I was saying is that according to the writers themselves it was something they wanted to do, not fan service. 

I’d suggest that they wanted to do it for the “car wreck” effect. Or alternatively because “it’s the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away” per Buttigieg in 2019. Or as the blue genie said, “Made you look!”.

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I didt like Raj ending alone. As I already said I think they could be  a wonderful couple with Anu, him bei g a romantic woman and her being the practical man, so the reverse stereotypical roles. I think it would be great if Anu retur ed back from London saying she does no like her job as it is different from what she imagined and/or saying she does not enjoy it anymore without Raj. And this would be the romantic gesture from her side Raj wanted to experience. I think she is fhe type of woman he needs. Raj would show her more romanca and Anu would show him the reality and romantic films are different things. They could perfectly complement each ofher. I was hoping for Raj having happy ending wifh her the whole season.

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