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Your Most Watched TV show?!?


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What is your Most Watched TV show ever?

-What I mean is the kind of tv show that you have spend longest time, and the most hours, watching.

To me, it is allo allo

-when I was kid, they were running it nonstop, one episode per week. I watched it every week.

and now I have it on DVD, and have watched it at a rate of 20 episodes per month or somesuch. For many years.

So, I can easily say that my Most Watched is indeed allo allo

, because nothing else comes even close.

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Okay, Bill, but to really answer the topic, you should name THE tv series you have spend most time watching.

From your list, i would presume you have spend most time with start trek series, as it is propably the longest running of the ones you mentioned. am I right?

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I am extremely sure that there wouldn't be such a comedy show which could be compared to FRIENDS.

Sorry TBBT, but FRIENDS rocks :).


For action series, I've only watched Prison Break and I loved it.

two days ago I started seeing Psych and it seems to be pretty great!

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Friends?....Boorring !

Now ***My Dad is starting to get funnier and funnier.

I did mention I like Mike and Molly....funny lines. Yes, they are a large couple

but compared to some of the Polynesians here in Hawaii, they look anorexic to me!

I am 5'4" and weigh 116 for those who thought otherwise.

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The show I watch the most are:

The Big Bang Theory

Malcom in The Middle

How I met Your Mother


That's 70's Show

And I also enjoy watching Degrassi, though I preferred the original episodes over the newer ones. And I mainly watch it now to laugh at the terrible acting, and bad storyline.

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