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Your Most Watched TV show?!?


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LOL Thanks so much Bear now I will have the theme from Speed Racer in my head the rest of the day...hehehe! Love Speed Racer! :)

I like the original Hawaii Five-0. Sometimes when they do remakes they really screw things up. I am not a fan of the new Battlestar Galactica but I loved the original. Nothing wrong with being a fan of "The Classics" as I call it. Three's Company, Happy Days, Gilligan's Island...shows like that were real good. The only shows I really watched on TV that are new so to speak are Supernatural and Merlin, even though at times the writers go in directions that make me shake my head. I found BBT by accident and loved it.

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Those really are classics,i knew a TV channel once with all those shows.

I can't remember it now :/

In New England area we have ME/TV it has all the old shows they run marathons too best part is "LIMITED" commercial interuptions gets my vote........

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In Order of Time Wasted:


The Mentalist




Family Guy


American Dad / The Clevland Show

The Muppets (I own season 1 and 2, so sue me :) )

Modern Family (always awesome... the bad word episode had me in fits!)

The Rockford Files


Hogans Heroes


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For me it is Felicity. I can watch that just non stop & have gotten friends & family also addicted to it lol. I used to watch it when I was in high school and they would have re-runs of it on cable t.v but haven't in ages so I had to order in a box set from over seas. Glad I got it because apparently you can't buy it here in Australia, it has been deleted.

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Oh my, I am going to have to show my age here as I am going back a ways.

The Twilight Zone

I Dream Of Jeannie

Gilligan's Island

Lost In Space

The Honeymooners (The reruns, I'm NOT that old)

The Munsters

Sanford And Son

All In The Family

Three's Company


The Beverly Hillbillies


Happy Days

Mork And Mindy

My Favorite Martian

I don't remember any Lost in Space episodes but I have a vague memory of a B-movie theme tune and a very cool robot. There's some video cassettes (old school) of Bewitched floating round at my mum's. She also liked The Dukes of Hazard, I Dream Of Jeannie and Charlie's Angels.

My Dad used to make everyone watch Dr Who. He collected comic books and was a big cult TV fan. I think I was affected :icon_cheesygrin: There's a few there I don't recognise, time for youtube.

You really ought to check out Lost In Space Moonbase. It is a very colorful, comical and imaginative show. All the episodes are on Hulu.com.

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

I just downloaded all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210. I used to watch it when I was 10 yrs old. ugh, the memories!

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@Sursonica Maybe you can help me with some trivia. I saw an episode of 90210 and I remember it had Brandon coming out of the Peach Pit with a male friend of his. His friend got in his car and was pulling out and got whacked by a truck. Do you have any clue what episode this was? Been trying to figure this out for years.

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

@Elegant Chaos that was on episode 3 of Season 5: A Clean Slate . It was when Brandon ran as a vicepresident to the college student council (or something) Josh being the candidate for President (the guy who died) and they won the election. As they got the voting count, Josh dies and Brandon has to take the Presidency.

I knew it was on Season 5 but just went and checked the episodes and it was that one :D

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Buffy, 24, Dexter, now TBBT. These are the shows that I not only watched, but re-watched.

The shows that I watched sporadically, but enjoyed - Battlestar Gallactica, Babylon 5 (sorry Sheldon), Desperate Housewives, True Blood (started watching like a train wreck, then tuned in for the sake of making fun of its stupidity... then got caught in Suki/Eric chemistry, LOL), now Pan Am, Revenge (very stupid show, but entertaining), Grimm. Oh, and I loved the second season of Spartacus, but got bored and stopped watching this year. I'm also quite partial to Law and Order, especially since so many episodes are based on what one has seen in the news.

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Supernatural, Dexter, Criminal Minds, and TBBT.

Is Supernatural still on air?

I've got Supernatural DVDs for all available seasons - still sealed in shiny new plastic. :icon_lol: This show was recommended to me as a lot of fun, but I still haven't got the time to start watching. It's on the list, whenever I find the time...

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The placement of this thread is ammusing to me.

The Big Bang Theory....of course.

Followed closely by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

......don't judge me.

Why would we judge someone with such impeccable taste? Those are probably two of the best things on TV right now...

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