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Who from TBBT would you like to see make a speaking cameo on Young Sheldon?


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I just started watching Young Sheldon and have caught up on series.  I LUVED the Season 2 finale where we saw all TBBT main cast  as kids.  So, who from the parent show would you like to see make an appearance in Young Sheldon?  

I'm a shameless Shamy fan, so I'd like to see Sheldon and his siblings interact with Young Amy in some fashion.  I could see Amy coming to Houston to compete in a national competition, maybe a spelling bee or science weekend for kids or something, giving rise to a meet cute.

So, that is my answer, what do you guys imagine?

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Yes, but she wasn't Penny.  It only counts if the character (not necessarily the actor or actress) from TBBT is the one in scene.  Example, if Christine Baranski did a cameo as Dean at East Texas Tech, that wouldn't count, but if she came to East Texas Tech as Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, as a guest lecturer for the psychology department, that would.  It's about the character in TBBT making a cameo, not the actor or actress.

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:47 AM, aeverett said:

So, that is my answer, what do you guys imagine?

Hi Aeverett, thank you for bringing this topic up. I’ve just had a beautiful idea about how the show could end. Since it is being narrated by Sheldon at some point in the future, Jim and Mayim could appear as an older version of Sheldon and Amy:

A: (The door of apartment 5A is shown; it opens and we see Amy standing over the stove. The living room looks exactly like the one in 4A) (Amy calls) “Sheldon, dinner is ready”

S: (the camera moves to the window where we see a spiral staircase) (Sheldon calls) “I’ll be there in a minute!”

A: (moves up the staircase to the roof where we see more rooms. She enters the study and dries her hands in a kitchen towel): “Are you still writing your memoirs?” 

S: (sitting over a huge photo album that is full of pictures from Young Sheldon scenes) “Actually I have just finished the chapter where I started going to college. I have so many photographs of my childhood up until that time. I remember it vividly“ (Sheldon is browsing through the Photoalbum and we see more pictures of YS scenes)

A: (Amy stands over him and strokes his shoulder while they both look contemplating at the pictures; music plays; the pictures slowly become sepia-coloured ).


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