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Penny Girl-Friends.! Help.! Please!

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Hey guys, can you help me? I want to know the name of these 3 girls.!

They appear on "The Dumplix Paradox" episode.! At the end of the episode, Penny shows in Leonards apparment with 3 girlfriends, asking for sex but all the guys are playing Halo and dont pay any attetion to Penny and the 3 girls.!

Sorry for my english! ^^! I'm from Venezuela.!

Please help me.! I want to know the name at least of the brunnette in the left side.! :icon_exclaim:




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@Seph: yeah I think you would... you could take them up The Hill and show them you're throne !! ..which reminds me, I must go and check on my takeover attempt on that thread...


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