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Sounding Boards and Betareaders Needed for my YS/TBBT Crossover

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I’m really hoping to find a few good sounding boards/beta readers for my Young Sheldon/The Big Bang Theory Crossover story.  In my previous experience, detailed responses to my work spur my creative juices, as it helps me to see what my readers are picking up on, missing, or are uninterested in, so if you’re willing to help, you’ll need to be as brutally honest and specific as possible.  As I start to write, I may ask for more feedback, at least until I have a solid ending point in mind, but I won’t be upset if you wish to drop out before the final chapters.  My story might not be your cup of tea.   

As to where I’m stuck at the moment, I have the basic premise and some ideas where I’m going, but settling the story in the YS timeline is a big issue.  I’m certain that Season 1 won’t work, but where in Seasons 2 or 3 I put the inciting incident will shape how things progress.  However, I really want to finish this thing and not get stuck as has happened with previous stories in other fandoms.  When an overabundance of choices prevent me from anchoring my starting point, I have a tendency to become overwhelmed and unable to finish, hence why I need my sounding boards and betareaders. 

A few more bits of info on the idea so far.  It’s a time travel fic, focusing on Sheldon and Amy.  It primarily takes place in the YS time period, but considerations about events of TBBT drive much of the plot so far.    

If interested, please IM me.  Once I get writing, I’ll need email addresses to send the story to. 

Thanks in advance!  



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