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I just binged watched this in 2 days.

From Chapter One (s1e1) to The Final Chapter (s4e13)

I watched this in order too, and kept on watching.

I randomly caught an episode from season 2 on TV one night, and... I didn't even catch it from the beginning.

I thought 'Cool!'

The Good Place Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Janet and Michael | Den ...'That's Becker!'

Becker on | TV Show, Episodes, Reviews and List | SideReel

(I didn't even watch Cheers or know that Becker like Fraiser was another spin off, to me, Becker was just Becker, and I recognised him from that, so I was like 'that's Becker' from Becker).


I then went to Wikipedia to try and find what I just watched, and turns out, I got it all wrong, and it wasn't even remotely what I thought it was; It wasn't some future show; but I still made a note to watch this, because despite missing the point and the plot, I still liked what I saw.

Then a year later, I saw it being promoted on TV, knew more what it really was meant to be 'instead of some future show' so I set TiVo to record it /this week, I saw it recorded an episode  s3e1; I liked it; thought the main characters outside of 'Becker' were just a story line for that episode; then I went to YouTube, saw a trailer for Season 1, recognised all the characters from s3e1, and was like 'hmmm, I didn't realise they were main characters'...

So I binged watched this.

I didn't see any of the twists and turns and coming and was like 'whaat???' when they happened and I recognised a lot of cast members all the way from other films and TV shows I've enjoyed too.

 Anyone else watch this show?


It's well written and good.


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