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Season 11 Transcript Discussion

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Hi all, 

As many of you know, there is a site that has transcripts for every episode of the series, through season 10.   Unfortunately, the site appears to have stopped producing the transcripts.  There are only two comments since the end of season 10, and the person who runs the site, has not posted anything  (transcript or reply to comments) since season 10. 

I am currently working on putting a transcript out, for each show, in season 11 and 12.  The first transcript, for Episode 1101, is currently out, and is in  a sub-forum, under Season 11(much like the sub-forum for polls) and will have the same number of posts, as there are episodes in the season.  After that, I'll start at the beginning (0101) Pilotand do a transcript, the same way, for each of seasons 1-10.   

While I really appreciated the transcript site, I missed some of the actions happening around the dialogue.  Thus missing some of the context.  As a result, I will be doing the transcripts that go here, my way.  So I will be following most of the formats for screenplays.   Actions, sound effects, where the scene takes place, who is in the scene, etc will all be included in the transcripts.   I will not be following the screenplay or teleplay format exactly.   Multi-cameras have their own little idiosyncrasies, and I'll made  a few more changes to make it easier for me, and to make it easier to see the dialogue.  

If you are reading this, (check the date on this post)  then I'm getting close to putting the first one up.  The next post has a link to the Season 11 transcript Sub-forum, and the legend, for the format.  

I don't know exactly how many of these I can get done in a week.  There is a lot of time consuming work involved.  It took me about 4.5 hours to do the first one.  If you add this to time I write my Lenny fics (both my current multi chapter and another one-shot), and my Shamy fics (yes, I have another in mind), my health, and playing video games (working on "The Last of Us" right now), I'll simply do them when I can.    I'm just trying to keep busy.  

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The transcript for the first show in season 11(1101 The Proposal Proposal) is now visible.  This topic is for discussion of Season 11 transcripts.   The Sub-Forum for Season 11 Transcripts can be found here.

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