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Apartment Building Anomaly

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Okay, I just noticed this and curious if anyone else caught on.

The stairs are arranged to wrap around the elevator shaft. A straight walkway goes from the two apartment on each floor across the face of the elevator.

So, if you leave their floor and traverse down from their apartment behind the elevator, to the left, and another left you arrive at the walkway to the floor below. The apartment below Penny's apartment would be to your right. The apartment below Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to your left. If you keep going down, you arrive at the lobby.

At the foot of the steps, to your right is.... the front door? Where's the building supporting the apartments above it, namely Penny's apartment? From the exterior shots at the entrance, it appears there's no overhang. And the elevator shaft can't bend, nor can the elevator's doors face different directions (From the flashback episode, there is no rear door). The stairs exhibit no different pattern from floor to floor.

So, how to explain this anomaly?

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Good catch! After they get to the bottom of the stairs at the lobby there should be a hallway as they turn right and before they go out the door to account for the apartments that are across from the side Sheldon and Leonard's apartment is on.

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