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A-Z Brands/trade Marked Slogans

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10 hours ago, ShelledInCoopedUp said:

It's Dutch, KLM is the national airline of Netherlands.

ABCDEFGHIJ; NOPQRSTUVWXYZ | image tagged in memes,klm,alphabet,philosoraptor,airplane | made w/ Imgflip meme maker







LG Electronics, Korean multinational electronics brand.

Thanks for the info.

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British domestic brand of blackcurrant based juices.

The squash/cordial.

Ribena Blackcurrant Squash | Ocado

This is what Ribena squash/cordial looks like with water.

Ribena - Wikipedia

This is a Snakebite.

A Snakebite is a cocktail of sorts that is 1 part larger, 1 part an alcoholic apple cider brew, and 1 part Ribena.

Snakebite (drink) - Wikipedia

'The grab drink'

ribena - blackcurrant

Mini Ribena, for the kids and their lunch boxes chocked full of preservatives despite not actually containing any sugar sugary mess/drink.


Ribena comes in carbinated form too, known as Ribena Sparkling

Ribena gets busy with the fizzy | Product News | Convenience Store

- and some random raspberry Ribena?! Ew! 'Tf? gross.

They even have a water!


Ribena's Frusion.

Like a water fruit fusion?

The créme dela créme and favourite of mine if I have to, I'm all about...

Ribena - Blackcurrant


(The original)? IDK if it's this or the cordial, but this is a nice addition to any breakfast table or any home bar or anything, probably get given snakebites with this, IDK, it's been a while since I had snakebites).


Ribena UK (2017).svg

spread from the UK to Denmark

Ribena DK

and Hong Kong

Ribena HK

and Ireland

Ribena UK (2017).svg


Ireland get what UK gets in terms of Ribena.


This is how they hock Ribena to the British now, today, in 2020.

and in the 1950's

Oh no....

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